Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When two bloggers tie the knot.. Part I (Birth of a Blogger)

Blogosphere is full of charming women. Stunning fashion bloggers making their style statement , beautiful beauty bloggers setting the latest trends, gorgeous travel bloggers taking us around the world, cute food bloggers with their lip smacking dishes and finally those charismatic personal bloggers who can talk on love and relationship like no one else.

As a male blogger I felt it and the same would hold true when a female blogger describes the opposite sex.

My intuition says that you won't feel a need to look out of the blogosphere world to find that Miss right or Mr perfect.

Bloggers are the face of a nation. They can talk on almost every topic, are the favorite of brands and the prime attraction of any event. They are stylish, trendy, popular and of course wealthy..;)
Not to forget the huge list of followers and well wishers who consider their opinions and advices
before buying anything.

When a single blogger is so powerful, imagine what can happen when they form a couple.

Aryan, a software engineer by profession also had a passion for writing from his college days.
He used to write for his college magazine and also used to scribble any random thoughts in his personal diary.

One day while coming back from college he forgot his diary in the college library.
He called Ravi, one of his friend who lived in the college hostel to collect it.
As the diary only had some poems and short stories so he was not afraid of it being read by anyone.

Ravi was on his way to meet his gf Ria, so he took the diary along with him.
Ria always loved the articles written by Aryan in the college magazine and when she came to know
that it was his diary, she couldn't resist herself from reading few pages of it.

"Aryan, I am really sorry as I read few poems and short stories from your diary but believe it when I say that you write superbly and should start a blog soon", Ria gave him her piece of advice.

Upon getting the same compliments and advices from few of his friends, he finally thought of starting a blog which he called "From My Diary" as it was the online counterpart of his offline diary.

After blogging for 3-4  months his Marwari mind came into action and he started searching for options to monetize his blog. He lived in tier -II city where blogging was not taken seriously nor encouraged.
Also it was year 2010 and at that time social media had just started evolving as a blogger's paradise.
Blogging communities, sponsored review programs and social media campaigns were in their baby stage. The most reliable option at that time was Google Adsense which was not a difficult thing to get approved as compared to the current time.

Aryan applied for the same and got his Adsense account active in just a week.
Even after a month he only had a mere $5 in his account which was way below his expectations.

Finally he decided to involve his friends also in his strategy to fool google and make some quick bucks.
A PPT was prepared and presented in front of a group of 10 people who were friends and college mates. Google Adsense , amazon affiliate program and other sites related to PPC (Pay Per Click) world were explained in it.

A decision was taken to divide the amount earned in a ratio of 60 :40.
Each friend had to click the Ads which appeared on his blog in a judicious manner.
Aryan was going to take the bigger slice while 40% was for his friends.

The strategy worked and his blog earned a whopping $50 in the second month from google adsense which was the most important source of revenue.

But things didn't went fine the other month as one of his friend who was from world's dumbest species clicked on all the Ads on his blog every hour of the day.

Soon Aryan got a mail from Google Adsense that his account was disabled because of invalid clicks activity. He tried his best to convince the Adsense people but there policy was, "Once removed you can't become a part of it again".

In those days he also realized that his marwari mind had overpowered his creative soul and made him divert from the actual cause of starting a blog.
Finally he got back on the right track and it was a great time to be there as he also got a job in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Aryan was excited as most of the bloggers he followed were from Mumbai and also it was the top blogging hub of India.

It was now time for him to connect to other bloggers, learn from them and excel as a blogger.
But with that, time had a lot in store for him which he was unaware of !!!!!

To be Continued in Part II (A lot can happen in a blogger's meet)