Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Your favorite recordings,Anytime,Anywhere with Tata Sky+ Transfer

You are going on a romantic date and want to enjoy that romantic movie which you both like the most as a couple. You had recorded it on your set up box last month but you can't carry the TV along.
So now what ?

You are with your friends at a night out and all of you are craving to watch that favorite cricket match of the gang between India and Pakistan . One of your friend has the recording on his setup box right now. But how can you watch it as you don't have a TV right now?

You are visiting one of your relatives who stays in a village where there is no internet connection.
All the "Comedy nights with Kapil" episodes are being transferred from the setup box to your mobile but without internet how are you going to stream them ?

And the biggest problem of every Indian joint family is 7 different people 7 different choices.
Dad and bro likes to watch news, while sister wants to watch MTV and Channel V shows, mom and bhabhi are keen to watch every episode of their favorite daily TV soaps, nephew cries like hell if you don't play his favorite cartoons and amid this you are a big fan of WWE, refusing to miss any of its event.

Well don't worry as I have the ultimate solution to all your issues.
Basically I also used to face the same problems earlier but after using Tata Sky+ Transfer I don't have to worry at all.

I have a travel bug and also officially I have to travel a lot to attend various conferences, trainings and meetings organized by my company across the globe.

In my initial days of job I used to miss out on those "last ball decider cricket matches",
MTV coke studio seasons, Comedy night with kapil episodes and many action packed movies which I love the most.

Though I used to record them using my TV Sky set up box but even watching them at home was like mission impossible for me as I used to visit my home only for sleeping.

A friend of mine came as an angel and told me about Tata Sky+ Transfer, the latest product from Tata Sky which allows you transfer/stream your favorite recordings from TV, directly on your android or iOS device, anytime,anywhere.
So now I have all my cricket matches, WWE events, coke studio seasons, action packed movies and Comedy night with kapil episodes transferred to my mobile which I can watch whenever and wherever I want.

Let me explain you how it works
1. First you record all your favorite content to your Tata Sky+ Transfer set up box.
2. Next you will transfer the recorded content from the setup box to your device via Wifi.
    Does someone else in your family also needs it, well don't worry 2 devices per subscriber can be
3. Once the content has been recorded you can view it at any place of the world without a need of
     internet connection.

So simple it is..!!!!

Still worried about something ?
Ok ok I got it..What about the quality of the video and how much content can be recorded ?
Right !! See I knew it.

My friend don't worry about the quality as everything is recorded in HD (High Defination).
Also Tata Sky+ Transfer gives you 500 GB of space to record as much content you can.
So happy ?

Still 1% of confusion.
Wait I have more for you. Tata Sky+ Transfer gives you the power to rewind your favorite shows, replay those amazing scenes and skip boring clips to keep the fun intact.
And you will watch all these in 1080i resolution which is 5 times sharper than normal TV and 16:9 aspect ratio to give you a much wider screen experience.

Now that you are 100% satisfied these additional features will add that 1% of extra satisfaction to the 100% .

Tata Sky+ Transfer box is 3D ready so you can enjoy a complete 3D experience with your 3D TV when 3D content becomes available.
Series recording feature let you record all the favorite episodes of your favorite TV series and last but not the least the Karoke feature that brings out the singer in you.

Now that everything is clear and understood, what are you waiting for guys ?
Book your Tata Sky+ Transfer box now.

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