Sunday, January 4, 2015

The most memorable Valentine day of this world..

A very happy new year to every soul on this earth.
With start of the year come new responsibilities and resolutions.


I also have made few resolutions and one of them is to make this coming Valentine, super duper and ultra special for my beloved.

I was lying on my bed and planning for a beach side dinner date when something mysterious happened at the window.

There was a dark circle visible on my study table, as dark as a black hole.
Suddenly a beam of light came out of it leaving something on the table and disappearing in fraction of seconds. It was a potion, something like what we have seen in harry potter movies.

Well I hoped it didn't work like that. As I came near to the table there was something written on it.

The golden words read –“Once in a century God chooses a human being whose love is pious and divine. You are the lucky one. To honor it he is giving you a magical potion.
After gulping it you will have unlimited powers for a day through which you can make your beloved feel the most special person on this earth.

I was standing there agape.
Is this for real ?
Unlimited powers for day, was I dreaming?

I pinched myself, wow !!! it was for real and not a dream.
It was 11 p.m., just an hour left for the special day to start.
When the clock hit 12 I called my beloved and told her to get ready in the morning by 10 a.m. as there were lots of surprises planned for the day. She was damn excited and couldn't control it, so she kept on asking me to reveal some of them but I was reluctant to disclose any. I told her to sleep tight and wake up fresh as the day was just going to be Legendary :)

After talking to her I was ready to start my work as everything had to be nothing less than perfect. Quickly I drank the potion. For few seconds I couldn't feel anything but then I felt very light and energetic.

To see if the powers were really working I asked for a Lamborghini parked outside my house.
I rushed to see if the magic really worked and to my delight it did.
Wow..!!!!! I was laughing, dancing and behaving like a mental.

Before anyone could see it I made it to disappear and started working on my plan.
I made a note of all the things she liked, right from meeting APJ Abdul Kalam ji, eating wafers and Chinese cuisines, watching Doraemon and living in her own fantasy world where there are fairies, castles and mermaids.

Finally it was 8 a.m. in the morning and I was ready with my surprises.
I picked her up from her place in a Lamborghini. She was like Wow..!!!!
“Where did you get the Lamborghini from?” ,her voice was full of surprise.
I told her not to ask questions and just relax and enjoy.

As we reached Gateway of India, the Lamborghini turned itself into a water Scooter.
“Where are we going and how is all this happening? Are you Ankit only?”, she was now scared.

I kissed her gently on the lips and told her the complete story that happened with me last night.
I asked her to trust me and enjoy the surprises I have planned for her.

After riding for an hour we reached an Island.
There were dolphins and mermaids swimming around it.

In the middle there was a castle which looked the same as we see in fairy tales.

The Island was a bit different from the normal ones.
There were cute Doraemons roaming around the entire place. 

Small fairies in the shape of butterflies were busy making everything colorful and lively. 

There were flowers which on touching converted to wafers , chocolates and Maggi.
My girl was mesmerized as she couldn’t believe on her eyes. Slowly she touched the cute Doraemon which in return kissed her hand.
This made her dance with joy.
Next she took the fairy shaped butterfly on her hand. It waved her wand and tada..!!!!
Magic happened and my GF was now looking like Cinderella.

A Unicorn came flying towards us. 


We sat on it and it took us to the castle.
As we entered the castle a guide came to our service.
There were 5 halls in the castle.
Hall A had all the games in this world which you can play live.
As my gal loved to play board games so there were big structure of snake and ladder and Ludo placed right in the front.

After playing that for an hour we went to Hall B which had all the variety of cuisines in the world.

As it was lunch time so we had the yummiest food in the world and moved to hall C.
Here you could watch any movie of your choice. We ordered for DDLJ our favorite movie.

Hall D was next in line which had one of the most amazing dance floors.
Most romantic songs of all time were played and we soaked into each other.

After being in each other arms for more than 2 hours it was time to take her to the final Hall E.
It was like a church which was decorated for a marriage function. Our friends were sitting in front row.
I took her hand in mines and popped the question –“Will you marry me”.


She said yes with tears in eyes. And then came a voice, “you can now kiss the bride”.
It was none other than the great APJ Abdul Kalam ji.


Finally we took his blessing and left for home. Dreams come true but your love should be true..:)

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  1. Really a memorable and surprising valentine... :)

    1. Yeah...hope this dream comes true someday..:)
      Thanks for taking out time and glad that you liked it.
      Do leave your foot prints more often..:)