Saturday, January 17, 2015

When she fought to replace the "ORs" with "ANDs" in her life..

Every human being has the freedom to follow his/her dreams and choose to do what he/she is passionate about. Religion, caste, color, tradition, gender and superstition should never serve as an obstacle in anyone’s life.

Future of a person should depend on his/her capability and not on the above factors.

In this post I want to highlight the case of one of my friend, Ruchi who fought for her dreams and finally achieved them with flying colors.

 Ruchi was the youngest of all her siblings who included 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Her father owned a grocery shop and mother was a housewife.
Her parents were quite simple but the family at her mom’s side was quite aggressive and dominating.

Her Mamas were into politics and believed in violence than peaceful negotiation.
Also they were quite narrow minded and used to treat women of their house badly.
For them woman only had 6 labels throughout her life.
#Cook   #HomeCleaner  #Housewife  #SexObject  #ChildProducer  #ChildCareTaker

Ruchi was born and brought up in Mumbai and hence she was an independent and ambitious girl who loved freedom. During summer vacations she along with her mom and other siblings used to visit her Mama’s place which was in Uttar Pradesh. When she was in school things were fine as she was small and used to listen to her Mama but things changed when she entered junior college.

All her friends were now serious about their career and also motivated her to choose one.
Most of them suggested her to join the aviation or hospitability industry as she was damn good looking, had charming personality and great articulation skills.
After pondering on their suggestions and also discussing with her favorite teachers she finally decided to give it a try.

She told her parents about her decision and asked for their consent.
In starting her parents were a bit worried as she would be away from home most of the times travelling to places which won’t be safe for her but finally were convinced.
One week before the interview of Indigo, her mamas suddenly came to Mumbai.

She was sure that her mom had casually informed them about the interview but didn’t think about the consequences.
As they entered the house one of them slapped Ruchi and asked her mother to send her with them.

According to them she had forgotten all her customs, traditions and sanskars , gone out of hand, hence it was necessary to bring her back to line.
From now on she will only learn household work were their clear instructions.
Her mother was too frightened to protest but Ruchi was ready for such situations.

She called her friend at once whose father was a police inspector and complained about the physical and mental harassment her mamas had caused her.
For a second her mamas were shocked to hear her words.
Though they were into politics in Uttar Pradesh but in Mumbai they were just a common man.

Police came in no time and were going to arrest them. Frightened they asked for forgiveness and promised never to interfere in her family matters.

Ruchi gave them one last warning and requested police to give them a last chance.

Finally her big day came.
She gave interview of 3 Airlines and got selected in all of them.

Today she is a senior cabin crew member who is enjoying her life to the fullest.
Not only her parents but also her friends like me are so proud of her.

She is an inspiration to all those who wants to free themselves from different labels given by the society or family members and live their dreams.

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