Thursday, December 10, 2015

The heart of India - Indore #madeofgreat

As you type “food capital of India” in Google, the second option will very well describe which city I am going to talk about today.
It is the commercial capital of the heart of India, Street food capital of India, Ahilyanagari and the only city in India to have a unique IIT-IIM blend; yes I am talking about “Indore”.

I have a deep connection with this city as it is also my hometown. For the last 10 years I have seen it excel in all sectors, as a result is ranked among the top 20 livable cities in India.

Lets see what all makes a person feel connected to this city -:
1. Food
If you are a foodie, I bet you will always remember Indore for its lip smacking street food.
     Right from poha-jalebi, which was once declared as the best street food in India, it is home to
     different types of chaats, deserts, samosa, kachori, dahi-vada, sabudana khichdi, khopra patties,
     bhutte ka kees, sev & other namkeens, deep fried garadu, bhajiyas and khadai milk.
     The taste of food will make you feel at home and help you form a connection with this beautiful

2. Education
Indore is the only city in India to have both the elite college, IIT and IIM.
     Apart from them it has state’s top ranked engineering and medical colleges which are also famous      at national level. All the national level educational institutes have their branches in Indore making      it an education hub. Students from all over India come to this city to make their dreams come true.

3. Culture
You will find people from all walks of life living in this city. It is counted as one of the most
     peaceful and livable cities in India. You will find people of different religions living in harmony.
    Also the people of Indore are very cooperative and helpful. There is no problem of language as
    the most common language of India, Hindi is widely spoken.

4. Best public transportation
Indore is believed to have one of the best intra-city public transport systems in India.
     As mentioned by the great novel writer Gurcharan Das, “Indore is now quoted as having one of
     the best bus services in the world. 
     City buses, Rickshaws, Metro Taxies and City vans provide fast & regular connectivity across the 

5. Connectivity
Indore is very well connected to all cities of India.
     Bus, train, flight or road trip, whatever you enjoy can take you to this place.
     Also the location of Indore, right at the heart of India makes it accessible from all around.
     Indore’s International airport, also known as Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport is ranked among the
      top 20 busiest airports in India.

6. Smooth Driving experience
Unlike the metro and other big cities of India, you won’t take 2 hours to reach a place which is just     10 kms away. Driving in Indore is hassle free and smooth which saves you from the frustration & 
     pain of  getting stuck in jams. Also the roads are well constructed and connected.

7. Design of City
Indore is counted as one of the most developing cities in India. Right from malls to IT parks,
    townships to big hotels, historical monuments to famous temples, regional parks to theme 
    restaurants, Indore is designed to combine the beauty of nature with today’s world modernity.  

8. Spiritual city of India
There are lot of famous temples and pilgrimage places in and around Indore, Omkareshwar &
    Mamleshwar, Mahakaleshwar, Kanch Mandir, Khajrana temple and famous Jain temples to
    name a few.
    If you are looking for a spiritual connection and peace of mind there is lot to explore here.

9. One of Safest Cities in India
By god’s grace, Indore has been counted as one the safest cities to live in India.
     Nature has been kind to Indorians, with negligible natural calamities on record.
     Also the crime rate is low and it is not on the radar of terrorists or maoists.

So overall Indore is beautifully designed city which will connect to your soul in just a day’s drive, certainly #madeofgreat.



  1. all the while I was reading the post I had poha jalebi in mind...(I am from Gwalior) awesome read!

    1. Haha..Poha-Jalebi is the yummiest street food ever..glad u liked it :)

  2. Great post and information. This year me and my hubby have stated traveling the world. I'll be adding this to our list. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    1. Welcome to "From My Diary", I am glad you liked it :)
      Wow that's great, Happy Journey to both of you.

  3. Indore the heart and commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh is famous and best food place in India for its food items and the love for food. If we talk about foodies in India.

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