Monday, December 14, 2015

KisanServ - Revolutionizing the e-procurement process..!!!

What first started out as the barter system has now moved to e-procurement. Procurement sure has come a long way! However, KisanServ has taken e-procurement a step further with their platform. This platform, based completely on technology, is designed specifically to solve issues that are rampant in the procurement industry.  KisanServ has made the entire process of procuring farm fresh goods as transparent as possible. But what is KisanServ?

What is it?
KisanServ is an e-procurement platform that strives to bring together suppliers and buyers. This one of a kind platform has debunked a lot of myths and broken a lot of norms in the procurement cycle. Usually, a supplier supplies goods and then the buyer purchases. However, on KisanServ, the cycle is reversed. The buyer places an indent in KisanServ which then goes “live” for bidding. After setting a particular requirement and “bid open” time, the buyer gets a large number of bids. What’s special is that, all of these suppliers are from different locations/area and will bid at different prices. After the Bid close  date and time, the bid closes and the buyer can contact the supplier of his choice to complete the procurement cycle.

How did it come about?
KisanServ is the creation of Niranjan, Praveen and Arun. Niranjan who is in the procurement industry since 20 years felt that the lack of transparency in the procurement system is the cause of a lot of loss. He wanted to fix that. With a backup of nearly 30 years of experience in the banking and IT industry, Praveen and Arun were perfect for Niranjan’s plan.
Niranjan wanted to create such a platform in which the level of transparency and efficiency would increase and the level of favouritism would decrease in the procurement cycle. With this idea, KisanServ was born. Niranjan Sharma can be reached here

How does it help you?
There are many benefits for both the supplier and the buyer on KisanServ. There are five prominent ones that are truly responsible for the success of KisanServ.
  • 100% Transparency – With the help of KisanServ you can completely eradicate the concept of ‘middle men’ in the procurement cycle. You can keep track of each and every detail regarding the prices, quality as well as the supplier details. This greatly helps to reduce additional costs and improve the business.
  • Mandi/Wholesale market visits – Being an online platform, a buyer can raise an indent from anywhere and anytime. Early morning mandi visits or daily wholesale market visits can now be a thing of the past. Also, this helps if the indent needs to be placed at the last minute or requires urgent delivery.
  • Competition – KisanServ is an online “Live” bidding  platform, hence many suppliers can take part in it. Owing to this fact, competition among suppliers takes place. This ensures that the buyer gets the best deal.
  • Business Exposure – After you register with KisanServ, your business is open to a large base of buyers and suppliers. This means that you do not have to depend on one buyer or supplier to meet your indent or increase your sales.
  • Analytics – Probably one of the most unique feature of the platform, KisanServ allows you to analyse your sales. With the help of this you can manage your future procurement cycles and increase your revenue and sales.
Shortly after its launch, customers of KisanServ are already praising the platform as they have made a profit of nearly 10-20% on costs.

How to register
KisanServ is very user-friendly and easy to use procurement platform. Simply going to the website and clicking on the “Register Now” button, you can easily open your business to a number of opportunities.

KisanServ has practically changed the dynamics of the entire procurement system. With its advance technology and user-friendly features, KisanServ has made procurement as easy as one click! You can now also avail a free demo on KisanServ by simply filling out a form. Register now on KisanServ to be one step ahead of the crowd.

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