Saturday, December 26, 2015

A photo tour - Disney Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

After having lots of adventure in adventureland it was time to step into the next themed land, Frontierland.

The best way to start exploring a new themed land is by trying it's major attraction, which here is Splash Mountain. As the name suggests you are going to experience a splash in a pond of water.

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At the starting you are made to sit in a log which can accommodate 8 people, seated 2 in a row.
The log ascends at the top of the hill which is around 50 foot high and then descends down at a 45 degree angle into the pool of water. During the ascend the story of a restless Br'er Rabbit leaving home and being pursued by Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear is being portrayed.

Second major attraction of Frontierland is Big Thunder Mountain railroad.
It is a mine train roller coaster. The track is built around the rocks in a way that appears very natural & original. The ride takes place completely in the sagging, rotting tunnels of the mountain.
It is completely a thrilling experience. But don't waste time in the queue if the wait time is more than 45 minutes as there are better attractions in Magic Kingdom to cover.

Tom Sawyer Island is the next attraction to experience if you have ample time.
It doesn't have much to see, just some caves, a wooden bridge and some climbing and scenic opportunities.

The last 2 attractions, Country Bear Jamboree and Walt Disney World Railroad are ok types.
Country bear jamboree hosts bears playing country music and World Railroad is the train tour around the entire magic kingdom. I didn't try both of them as I was short of time.

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