Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 a year to remember..2016 a year to get together..!!

2015, you were just amazing.
Every year has it's ups and downs, highs and lows but in the end if things settle down as you wanted then that's the joy of life.

In a bachelor's life there are 4 important things -:

I have placed all of them at spot one as none of them is less important to me than other.
So let's see how the year unfolded.

January brought lot of happiness in our family as my brother and sister-in-law were blessed with a baby boy.
Finally my tag of being the youngest in the family was taken away and I was damn happy.
After he came in our lives all those family tensions and grudges just vanished away.
His smile was enough for everyone to forget their high raised egos and melt down the anger in our hearts. January he will be a year old and I just pray to god to shower more happiness in my family through that pious soul.

Love always comes with pain, is an old saying which is so true.
I have never heard a love story where there was no pain, suffering and anger.
Well actually this emotions are good because they make you realize the importance of your partner in your life and also make you a good human being.
2015 brought us closer than ever, made us realize how deeply we loved each other and that we wanted to live the rest of our lives together. I miss you everyday, every minute. every second.
Long distance relationships are difficult but I am really blessed to have a partner like you who has shown so much understanding and patience. I love you from the bottom of my heart for that and promise to give you all that happiness, love, care, affection and protection which you deserved.

US calling in the month of July though a bit late but finally gave some feathers to my career.
Onsite dream is a dream of every IT guy and mines was finally fulfilled in 2015.

Blogging is my passion and it has given me identify , love of my life, adventures, new experiences, travel opportunities and also money.
It was 2015 when I also accomplished another milestone of my life, i.e. of being a writer. Thanks to Shades Publication for the great opportunity.
2015 was definitely a fantastic year for my blogging aspirations giving them new wings to fly.
It meet new people, connected with fellow bloggers, made good friends, got more respect, love and appreciation as a blogger. Free goodies, invitations to launch events, brand collaborations and a 2 day luxurious trip to GOA are just the add ons.

2015 was amazing, thanks to my family, my love, my friends, fellow bloggers and each & everyone who played a part to make me a better human being.

2016 you me ready because I am gonna be more awesome..;)

Wish you and your family a very happy, rocking, crazy and prosperous new year..!!!!

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