Sunday, December 27, 2015

A photo tour - Disney Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square

After covering almost all the fronts in Frontierland it was time to check out the next themed land, Liberty Square.
This themed land is exclusive to the Magic Kingdom.

Attractions include replica of Liberty Bell & Liberty Tree, Hall of Presidents, Liberty Belle Riverboat and Haunted Mansion.

As we were out of time so we decided to go for the best attraction of all, The Haunted Mansion.
We were excited to see how different it was, as normally I found such attractions very boring.
As the Haunted Mansion was huge, so I was looking forward to see a lot of things happening inside.
As we entered the mansion we were taken to a room were a ghost voice welcomed us in a mocking manner. The door was closed by itself.
There were scary paintings all over the room. Also the lights were going on and off. There was a time when the room actually stretched vertically. The audio effects were awesome.
Suddenly the wall in front of us opened and we were ushered to the entrance hall.

One by one black carriages or doombuggies emerges out of the dark which was so creative.
I loved the way those buggies were built.
For the next 15 minutes we were taken on a tour of the haunted mansion on those buggies.
The best thing about them was they used to rotate in sync with whatever was happening around us.

To be very frank I was not at all disappointed after I reached the exit.
I will not disclose what happened for those 15 minutes as it will kill the suspense.
Overall it is definitely a must try attraction.

Hall of presidents as the name suggests sounded nothing interesting so we didn't go for it.

If you have time, definitely try Liberty Belle Riverboat which provides excellent views of the artificial river built in Frontierland known as Rivers of America and also Tom Sawyer Island.


  1. The Haunted Mansion is fun... actually the whole place is a hell lot of fun! :-)