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HydroJal Plus - The future of healthy drinking water

Modern drinking water sources

Water is the basic necessity of any living being especially humans as 70% of their body is made up of water.
A reliable supply of safe drinking water is the most crucial responsibility of any government in the world. But unfortunately most of the modern drinking water sources like tap water, bottled water, Reverse Osmosis water and distilled water contain acidic pH that causes our body to become more acidic. Also drinking water is treated with chemicals to kill bacteria due to which essential nutrients and minerals vanishes to a great extent.

Problems of acidic water

1. Eye and Skin irritation 
     Drinking water with a pH below 4 can skin, eyes and mucous membrane irritation.
     WHO warns that such levels can worsen existing skin conditions.

2. Reproductive Problems
     Leaching of heavy metals like lead from the plumbing systems especially pipes can lead to
     neurological and reproductive problems, such as seizures, hearing loss and miscarriages.

3.  Gastrointestinal Issues
      Overexposure of metals like Zinc and Copper from the corroded pipes can cause severe problems
      like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

4. Cancer 
     Cancer cells prefer acidic state rather an alkaline state.
     Oxygen deficiency created acidic state which is the most favourable for cancer cells.

5. Other health issues
     Other health issues include high blood pressure, headaches, acidity, fatigue and aging.

How to be safe

The best way to keep body safe is the switch to alkaline and anti oxidant rich water.
Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Heinrich has researched that no disease causing micro organisms
can survive in alkaline environment including cancer cells.


Benefits of Alkaline water

1. Improve Immunity 
     An alkaline environment nurtures healthy blood cells and increases overall immunity.
2. Increase Hydration level
     Alkaline water easily penetrates body at cellular level thus hydrates the body better.
3. Removes Acidic Toxin
     Ionized Alkaline water flushes out acidic toxins from the body.
4. Elevates Oxygen levels 
     It has high oxygen levels and delivers nutrients to body cells more efficiently,
     keeping the body energized throughout the day.
5. Prevent Diseases
     It helps you get rid of diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Skin problems,
     Arthritis and many other health issues.


Difference between Normal and Alkaline Water

           Normal Water                                                         Alkaline Water
1.It is Acidic hence it is hazardous to the health.          1.It has a balanced pH which is good for body
2.Minerals are vanished during cleaning process.          2.Rich in minerals and antioxidants.
3.Even after Chlorination the water contains bacteria.   3.Improves immune system.
4.Chemicals are added to kill germs so it                       4.All harmful bacteria and toxic metals are
 can contains toxic metals                                                  filtered hence the water is good for drinking


How can we get Ionized Alkaline water?

We can make the water Alkaline & Ionized by increasing the hydrogen ion concentration in it.
But wait you don’t have to worry about it, there is already an alkaline water ionizer in the market
which has implemented this concept. Without any further delay let me introduce to you the most stylish, compact, advanced and affordable water ionizer –HydroJal Plus, the brain child of Swadeshi Marketing.


Benefits of HydroJal Plus

Here goes the list of the benefits of using HydroJal Plus which provides alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water.


1. The anti-oxidant rich water removes free radicals from your body and slows down the aging
2. Alkaline rich water protects body against diseases like Cancer, High blood pressure, Arthritis,
    Diabetes etc.
3. It improves digestion, balances blood pressure and promotes weight loss.
4. It helps in rejuvenating skin and improving memory.
5. It is equipped with the advanced system which throws away all harmful toxins from the body.
6. Hydro Jal Plus is easy to install and operate.
    It comes with different features which keeps check of – pH value of outgoing water, temperature of
    the water, cleaning and electrolysis status of the ionizer.
7. It provides more hydrating water than normal tap water, hence preserving the vital nutrients
    required by the body.
8. It reduces joint and muscle pain.

How to get your HydroJal Plus

Bring home the future of safe and healthy drinking water.
Get those acids & toxins out of your life.
Request now a free demo of the HydroJal Plus and show your loved ones that you care.

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