Saturday, April 25, 2015

Get..Set..Bolt..#BoltDrive with fellow bloggers..

It was not a normal lazy Sunday as I sprung from the bed at 7 a.m.
My alarm did made me hear some good morning blessings from my room partners..
But I was very excited as the occasion was big.

Tata Bolt along with Blogadda had organised "#BoltDrives" event where bloggers were going for a fulfilled long drive to lonavala. And here comes the most interesting part of the drive, every blogger was getting the opportunity to drive "TATA BOLT".
"ab excitement to hoga hi na" .

After completing my daily morning chores in a hurry I left for the venue, Cafe Infinito at BKC.
Unfortunately I was the last one to reach there and was assuming to get angry, puzzled and "dude you are so late, do you even know" kinda of looks.
But to my surprise I was greeted quite humbly by the Blogadda team.
Quickly I filled by breakfast plate as I was literally very hungry.
Kudos to Cafe Infinito for the delicious breakfast.

All the bloggers were sitting in groups and I wondered what was happening when one of the Blogadda team member assigned me my team.
I was in R4. 

There were 8 teams, R1-R4 and D1-D4. 
The R teams were going to drive Bolt Revotron and D were given the Diesel models.

My team had quite interesting people, the only grandmother among the bloggers and a social media guy.
The grandmother was quite excited about the fact that she is going to get the chance of driving.
I was a bit nervous but what happened as the trip advanced made me relaxed.
Will brief about the same as my experience of the trip progresses.

So after the teams were decided one person from each team was asked to introduce the entire team.
I was amazed by the humor people brought during the introductions and was also feeling honored to be among such talented people from different walks of life.

Next came the technical and marketing team of Tata Motors who explained us the technicalities of the car and also the road map ahead for the entire day.

So here was our plan for the day -:
1. Flag off from Cafe Infinito.
2. First pit stop was the MMRDA ground where the suspension of the car was going to be tested.
3. Next stop was the Khopoli food court were drivers were going to be changed.
4. Sumptuous lunch was awaiting us at Triose #Dhaba which was our next pit stop.
5. Selfies, videos, pics and lot of clicks and clicks was going to happen at Tiger point which was the
    next milestone in our journey. It was also the stop for change of drivers.
6. Penultimate stop on the return journey was CCD where each of the team was going to be allotted a
    driver so that each one of us can take a nap and relax a bit.
7. Final stop was Cafe Infinito, BKC from where we would be heading home after a wonderful

Also we were told that in the middle of the journey there would be someone who could be talking to us on regular intervals. Who was this mystery person?, we all were excited to get his call.

Finally the journey started with the Flag off and we headed towards the first pit stop - MMRDA grounds.
Our driver, the cool, humorous and excited grandmother took off quite smoothly and man !!! I was really impressed. 


There was a refreshment box kept on the rear seat which was filled with cookies, Tropicana juices, lays and water bottles. Cool idea indeed.

As we completed our drive through the MMRDA circuit to check the suspensions of the car , we got a call from someone called Captain Bolt.
He asked us about our experience till now and how excited are we to drive the new Bolt.
No doubt this guy was humorous and had a lovely voice.
My guess about him -:

Now was the time to hit the Pune-Mumbai express highway.
In full throttle our driver , the grandmother made the car cruise at the speed of 120 km/h.
We were singing, banging our heads and enjoying the drive.


Next pit stop of the journey - Khopoli food court arrived and the very excited Social Media guy , Ashwini took over the from our superstar driver.
He was a learner but managed to drive to the next pit stop.

Everyone was feeling hungry now and not far away was our lunch venue - Triose Dhaba.
Food was really delicious though the AC were not working which made us a bit uncomfortable.
Meanwhile the Blogadda team was back in action and was interviewing everyone about their experience of the journey so far.
I was a bit disappointed because when my chance of being interviewed came the time became our enemy and we had to move ahead.

The cars of R teams were exchanged with that of the D ones.

My excitement came again as I sat on the driver's seat and ahead of us were the dangerous ghats of Tiger point. It was such much fun and thrill driving the Bolt through those ghats.
I loved it to the core.

Finally we reached to the top point of the hill, The Tiger's point.
Here we had to click pics, selfies with the beauty, Tata Bolt. Also we made video of its interiors, the complete look and feel of the car.
Here comes my selfie..;)

Finally we departed from Tiger point and made our way towards CCD.
At CCD we had our beverages and cheesy breads while biding adieu to the other bloggers apart from our team. It was end to an awesome #BoltDrive #Experience #Journey #GetTogether #BloggersMeet


I loved driving the new "Tata Bolt".
Below tweet describes every bit of it.


Thanks a lot Blogadda and Tata Bolt team for this wonderful experience.
Looking forward to many more.

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