Sunday, April 5, 2015

7 facts about Onsite Chair : Every IT guy dream

If you are into IT industry, you might very well know about that one word which brings smile on everyone's face -"Onsite".

The first question asked by the interviewee is "Are there onsite opportunities in the project".
Everyone who enters IT world dreams of sitting on the onsite chair at some point of time in his/her life.

This onsite chair is loved by all and has the power to change the financial, social and cultural status of a person. In some cases even the attitude and behavior is also controlled by this magical chair.

So lets see 7 facts about this extraordinary onsite chair -:

1. Yeah that's really true. Once a person gets to sit on this chair, he/she doesn't want to leave it.

2. Once having an affair with the chair for 5 years, a person wants to continue the same relationship
    for as many more years as he can, may be lifelong.

3. Once the onsite chair is been allocated to a person, it is booked for next 5 years atleast. It
    can be compared to a minster's chair.

4. If you think by working hard day and night you can get the privilege to sit on this chair, well try
    for yourself and see the result..;)

5. Once you get the opportunity to grab the onsite chair, treats to school friends, college friends,
    room mates, team mates, girl friend, best friends and many more follow.

6. From the time your visa is initiated to the time you get the flight ticket, every stage requires sheer
    amount of luck to be successful.

7. If a person doesn't get onsite chair after so much of fasts, temple visiting and what not,
    get married to someone who has one...;)

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