Sunday, February 22, 2015

Van Heusen MY FIT - A new innovation in clothing world !!

About the Brand
Van Heusen one of the most popular clothing brands is owned by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Ltd, (Aditya Birla Group).

In the early years of 19th century Isaac Phillips met John Van Heusen resulting in the creation of their most popular brand “Van Heusen”. They are the ones who brought a revolution in the clothing industry by inventing collar.

There are more than 500 outlets of Van Heusen around the world out of which 100 are in India.

MY FIT – The greatest innovation in clothing industry
Van Heusen has introduced MY FIT which is going to be the game changer of future clothing industry.

After invention of collar, MY FIT can be considered as the next greatest innovation in the clothing industry. Choosing from the style and perfect fit is the thing of the past, now is the time to create one which feels like it is made for you.

MY FIT helps you create a shirt which is fit for your body type and personal style preferences.
There are more than 6 fits, 13 sizes and 10000 possible combinations which cover the need of every human being on this earth without making him compromise.

How MY FIT works

Once you are at the home page of Van Heusen India you will see four options to select from
1. Sale
2.Van Heusen man

Select MY FIT and then click here to begin which will take you to the home page of MY FIT.
The home page – is an Aditya Birla Nuvo initiative.
Once you get started it will ask for
A. Shirts
B. Trousers
C. Suits

Let’s start with Shirts.
Here you can choose your body types from 6 different options available
1.Custom – For normal body type like Vivek Oberoi.
2. Slim- For people who are slim like Ishant Sharma.
3. Tall- For people who are tall and have greater body length like Amitabh Bachan ji.
4. Athletic – For people like Salman Khan.
5. Plus- For plus size people who are tall and a bit healthy like Arjun Kapoor when he was a teenager.
6. Healthy – For people like Satish Kaushik.

So this covers almost 99.99% people on this earth.
According to your selection the changes are reflected on the image of shirt which appears on the right hand side.

Next you can choose the size from a wide range of options depending on the body type you have.
The people at Van Heusen have cleverly put the size options which will match your body type and make the shirt fit perfectly on you.

After you are done day dreaming with girls craving for you in the shirt it’s time to choose the fabric to make more hearts beat.
There are all possible types of fabric you can think of.

Once you are done choosing the right material it’s time to select the sleeve, full or half are the 2 options.

Well choosing sleeve is normal but getting a choice to select your own sleeve length is just awesome.
You can choose a sleeve length +1 or -1 inch of the standard size.

Collar is the penultimate option of the MY FIT Shirt.
Half cut away and Mandarin are the 2 options available.

Last in the list is Cuff.
Glad to see they have options here too. Chisel or Double can be one of your choice.

On similar lines MY FIT Trouser and MY FIT Suit also takes care of each of your needs when it comes to choosing the perfect attire.

My Experience of MY FIT
As Van Heusen is a famous brand in the world of clothing, I was excited to visit their store and explore the new concept introduced by them called MY FIT.

I visited their site and checked for the stores in Mumbai.
As I was going to visit Kala Ghoda festival on weekend so I was looking for a store somewhere in Churchgate and fortunately found one in Fort.

I got a bit late at Kala Ghoda and was praying the store to remain open.

When I visited the store the shutter was half closed. I was disappointed but thought of trying my luck once. I asked the security guard if the store was still open and he told me to go inside and ask the staff.
I went inside and to my surprise the store executive greeted me with a smile.
I told him about the MY FIT concept which I wanted to experience and he was happily ready to explain it to me.

There are 3 divisions in MY FIT
1.MY FIT Shirt
2.MY FIT Trouser
3.MY FIT Suit

I wanted to buy a shirt and a trouser so he proceeded with MY FIT Shirt.

There are around 7 categories available to create the perfect shirt for me.
I had never seen a brand give so many options to the customers which covers almost 100% of their needs. This is really amazing. The fabrics are of superb quality.
The best among all categories is Body type where you can select a shirt demanding upon your body structure.
I selected a tall fit, 40 size, royal blue shirt.

For the first time in my life I got a shirt which was a perfect fit for me, otherwise some or the other fitting was always required.

Sometimes the stitching was not that good because of which the look of the shirt used to fade away.
Also as I couldn't find a perfect fitting shirt so had to always compromise with the size.

Either I had to pick a shirt which was a bit flabby or a shirt which was skin fit.In the flabby shirt I used to look like an uncle and in the skin fit my belly used to make me look the same.

I was relieved after trying MY FIT Shirt and was really excited to know what is in store in MY FIT trouser.
Well to be honest I loved MY FIT Trouser as much as I loved MY FIT Shirt as I have always faced problem with my size and had to select a trouser of a size less or a size more, but here I got the perfect fit.
The people at Van Heusen are genius as they have understood the problem of unavailability of intermediate sizes.

For example in market we have a trouser of size 32, 34 & 36 but none with size 33 or 35.
My size is 35 and till date had to wear +1 size trouser but not anymore.

Also the length of my legs is more so it was difficult to find a trouser that fit me perfectly but the ultra slim type concept of MY FIT trouser worked magical for me.

Finally I selected ultra slim, 35 size, black micro self stripe trouser.

I got both the things ordered and now I am waiting for them to arrive soon.

Both the Shirt and Trouser are home and I am all set for my photo shoot..;)

I am really impressed by the material, design and fitting of the clothes.
Van Heusen now comes at the top of my priority list when it is about buying formal clothes.

Do try MY FIT, it's really magical !!!


  1. Really new concept. Very well explained in this blog...

    1. yeah it is amazing..I am glad that you liked it..:)