Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Make the Axis Acquaintance" Blogadda Meet

Last Saturday I got the opportunity to visit the corporate office of Axis bank situated in the Bombay Dyeing Mills Compound. The purpose of the visit was to attend the "Make the Axis Acquaintance" bloggers meet hosted by Blogadda.

As I entered the Axis Bank building I was amazed to see the classy interiors that made it look superb.
The security was of high class level. We were given a pass that was required for all the guests who entered the building. 
The meeting hall was on the 8th floor so me and my friend Ste quickly made our way to the floor.

We were a bit late and we regret on missing the initial part of the meet.
The agenda of the meet was the launch of the Axis Mobile App.

I loved the tagline which says - Axis Mobile, carry the bank in your pocket.

Now let me brief you in detail of the newly launched Axis Mobile App
Axis mobile App is very simple, user-friendly, convenient and secure mobile banking application.


Who all can use it?
All Axis bank customers with -:
1. Saving Account
2. Current Account
3. Only credit card owners.

What all you need to use it?
Just a mobile with following OS
1. Android
2. iOS
3. Windows
4. Mobile Web


Different Attractive features
1. This is the most amazing of all features, you can add a non Axis bank beneficiary in just a
2. View all types of summary, be it account, bill, loan or card.
3. View and schedule bill payments
4. Set your transaction limit on the go in between Rs 50k to 10 lakhs.
5. Now these are really unique features
    a. convert your transactions to EMI.
    b. block and replace your cards.
6. And this one is my favorite, the redemption of reward points in form of cashbacks, discounts     and different offers on movie tickets, restaurants , brands etc.


Security features
1. You can onboard only with the bank registered mobile number.
2. Add beneficiaries using the 2FA security.
3. Switch your cards on/off instantly.
4. Option to get your app account terminated on your phone in case it is lost or stolen.
5. Daily transaction limit of Rs 30,000 for first 5 days after registration.

Personalized Experience
1. Find offers near you whenever you want.
2. Convert your credit card transactions to EMI with one single click.
3. Set your most frequent transactions as favorites.
4. Reorder the menu as per your choice.
5. View and Redeem edge loyalty points anytime.
6. Add photos for your accounts and beneficiaries.

During the presentation of the App we were free to ask questions and doubts.
I asked two questions -:
1. When the demat facility will be integrated in the App.
2. There should be a referral loyalty program under which people should be given
    extra reward points for referring a friend or relative to open account with Axis bank and 
    use their mobile App.

The Axis mobile bank team told that the above features will be integrated in their March or April release.

Also some other questions were asked, which included
1. When will be App be integrated with social media so that a user can login using Facebook         or Twitter.
2. How heavy is the App on memory.

The Axis team were on their toes to respond with satisfactory answers.

After the presentations and Q&A round was over, everyone headed towards the canteen for lunch.
Gulan Jamun and Gajar Halwa were among my favorites.

It was an interactive meet with lot of sharing and learning.
Axis Bank has brought a new innovation in the area of mobile banking.
I just loved the App and I am pretty sure that it is soon going to rule the future of mobile banking.

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with 

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