Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Last Valentine....

This was our first valentine together and I wanted to make it very special for her..
Nikita and I were into relationship from last 6 months and it was a smooth ride for both of us expect for some fights because of my stubble. I so loved it and she thought it to be a Junglee's Pride.

I was totally confused on what to plan and how..? As I opened Facebook, there was a contest by MTV :- "Dare to Love".


It had 2 phases. In first phase the participant had to send his true love story to MTV and if they liked it then you will be shortlisted for the top 10 couples who were going to compete for a grand prize of 4 D/3N in Bali,Indonesia.

I was super excited as I knew that my love story was the most interesting of all I have known till date and we would definitely get selected for the 2nd phase...(Well my love story is too may be in some other post I will narrate it in detail...:P)

Quickly I typed in the whole love drama of my life and mailed it to MTV.
Results were going to be announced in 2 days. I used to refresh my mail box N no of times everyday to check for a mail from MTV. Even I used to have hopes from my Spam box.

Finally on the 4th day results were declared and I was on cloud 9 to find our name in it.
I had kept this contest as a secret from Nikita , so now was the time to reveal it.
She had a big smile on her face when I told her about the contest, its prize and the fact that we were among the top 10 couple competing for it.
We are heading to GOA so pack your bags sweetheart.

She leaned forward to plant a kiss on my cheek...Ouch.!! she shouted in pain.
What happened baby? ,I asked. Damn, your stubble, it’s so rough and prickly.
I have told many times earlier too that I don’t like that stubble of yours. It feels so irritating just to touch your face. Why on the earth can’t you be clean shaven.
I hope this stubble doesn't ruin the fun we will be having in GOA.

Keeping stubble was in fashion. Gals used to go flat on celebrities like Brat Pitt, Abhishek Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan who kept a stubble. Even nikita considered them as sexy, than what was the problem with me; it was really hard to understand. 

It was 11th Feb and we were off to Goa.
We reached around 11 a.m. on 12th and as expected MTV had made a grand arrangement for us.
To our surprise the host for phase 2 was Yami Gautam. She was looking drop dead gorgeous in her black top and blue shorts.

She congratulated us for being selected as the top 10 couples who would now be competing for the ultimate grand prize.
Next she elaborated on the proceedings of the phase 2.
We will be having 3 rounds.
1.     Best you can do together
2.     Trust your partner
3.     Endure for your partner

In the 1st round we will be having a dare where the couple has to perform together something, the best they can. Only 4 couples will go ahead.
Next round is called Trust your partner where u will be having a dare in which your compatibility and comfort with your partner will come handy.
And the final round is called Endure for your partner where one partner has to suffer the pain ,fear, anything terrifying till his/her partner completes the given task.

So guys get prepared for ultimate fun, adventure and of course pain. This is the test of your love, trust and compatibility with each other.
I will meet you right here in the “Love Battle Ground” after 5 hours. So get yourself prepared with the best you can show us.

We came to our room and started discussing on what all options we have in our kitty.
Dancing was a passion for both of us and hence we decided to do a salsa.

5 hours had gone and the stage was all set for the couples to rock.
Judges for the day were Diya Mirza, Arjun Rampal and Farah Khan.
We had some gr88 dance performances, heart touching duet songs, couple of stand up comedy acts and even delicious Italian and Mexican cuisine prepared by some.
Nikita and I gave our best and showed a gr88 level of comfort.
It was indeed a neck to neck competition. Results were announced after 2 hours and we nearly had a heart attack , when our named was announced as the last couple to be selected.
The feeling was awesome as we were just a step away from winning the grand prize.

There were no more eliminations now. The next round was on 13th around 8 in the morning so we slept early to be fresh and ready for the dare.

All the 4 couples gathered in the “Love Battle Ground” for the next round
Trust your partner.

Yami as usual looked sensational in her red color one piece.
She greeted us and quickly briefed about the dare we will be performing in this round.
The dare was quite thrilling. We had to cling together and were tied by a rope which pulled us back. There was also a water canon which would bombard water missiles to keep us away. Once the couple got separated they were out of the dare. The couple who clung together the maximum amount of time, won. It looked like we were going to have tremendous fun.

I and Nikita were the 1st couple to perform the dare. It demanded strong will power, tough bodies and trust on each other. We were quite sure of winning it as we had the above qualities.
The dare started very well and I thought it to be a cake walk. As the force of the pulling ropes increased we held each other tightly. I got lost in the fragrance of her body, the feel of her soft skin took me to a different world altogether.

I was brought to my senses by her loud scream...Ouch.!!!
She pulled herself away and unfortunately we were out of the dare...
She was hurt, but how? , what happened?
When I tried to ask her but she drew her hand away and ran.
I was awed by her reaction. I tried to contemplate what went wrong, some mistake from my side, but couldn't find any.

Other couples performed quite well. We were at the last position. I was very much upset and disappointed not only to find our name at the bottom of the list but also because of Nikita’s behavior. I went to my room to start a conversation but in vain, the door was shut and there was no response from her. It was 12 a.m. and the valentine day had already started , but still she didn't even care to talk to me. I was really agitated, but somehow managed to pacify myself as we had another round to go and our victory which was looking nearly impossible, depended completely on how we performed in it.

We had become friends with one of the couple, Ajay and Divya, so I went to their room. Nikita and Divya gelled well together, so I tried to ask her, if she knew what had happened?
She just told me one thing; take this Gillette shave gel and remove your stubble by tomorrow morning.

Suddenly the whole picture became quite clear to me. It was my stubble which has caused all the chaos. If I was clean shaven we could have won the round.
And the worst thing, it was because of this stubble I was craving for that valentine kiss, that warm hug, the touch of her soft skin and her love which I needed the most in my life.

It was valentine morning. All the couples were having a gr88 time except me who was paying the price for being so apathetic to her agitation, talks, advice and suggestion about my stubble.
I couldn't figure out what to do next and to add to my trouble the 3rd round was going to start at 3 p.m and it was already 1..Finally an idea stuck my mind.
I shaved, clicked a pic of mines and transferred it to Divya’s mobile.
Then I wrote a letter and requested her to forward both of them to Nikita. 

My Sweetheart Niks,

I would be the only BF in this world who is craving so much , just to even see his GF's face on this Valentine day.I know, I am an idiot who doesn't listen to your talks but now I have realized my mistake. I am really sorry for what all had happened and I promise to never let you down.
You are my soul and I can't live without it. I would die if I don't get a JADU KI JHAPPI from you in next 1 hour. I want to win this contest with you my angel, please come back baby..:(

Your Idiot

I was standing at the door with Divya to see the response. Finally after 15 mins the door opened and Nikita came out with the letter. 
You know Mr Idiot, I will definitely kill you the next time,I see a stubble on that face. Saying that she hugged me so tightly that even air had no chance to pass. 

Both of ours eyes were wet.
When our eyes meet I could read this message in them..."I had to do this Ankit as it was the only way to make u understand the pain I feel, everytime I kiss that junglee area of yours. It was so difficult for me to even get close to you.." 

So finally everything was sorted out and we were all set for round 3.
At 3 p.m all the couples gathered for the last time in the Love Battle Ground”.
For the first time I didn't even notice Yami as winning the contest was the only thing I had in my mind.
So guys are u ready for the final round, asked her. A loud cheer from all the couples was the response. Gr88, I am so happy to see your enthusiasm and that killer feeling to win the grand prize. So here is your dare. 

One of the partner has to solve a Jigsaw puzzle and the other partner will be put inside a glass box full of snakes  After 1 min more of these venomous creatures will be put in. There are 25 pieces in this Jigsaw puzzle , the couple which takes minimum time in solving it , wins.

Unfortunately this time too we were the first couple to compete.
I was terrified by seeing those deadly snakes but than I was determined to endure it for her.

Nikita was good at solving puzzles which was a bonus for us.

As the dare started I was made to lay inside the glass and Big pythons ,cobras and vipers were spread all over me. I kept my nerves and lay still. 


To everyone's surprise Nikita solved it in just 4 mins. We were really happy by our performance. 
Next 2 couples were disqualified as they were too scared to try the dare and hence dropped out of the contest. Now it was left between us and our friends Ajay and Divya. 

Divya took 10 mins to solve the puzzle. As they came 3rd in the previous round , it was a tough call to choose the winner.
Finally the results came and Boy..O Boy...I jumped 5 feet in the air on listening it.
We were the winners...yes we were the winners of the grand prize, 4 D/3N in Bali,Indonesia.
I just did it for you , I told her. Before I could say anything else , her lips were on mines . I so so so badly wanted it..

It was 6 in the eve and the stubble of mines had made me crave for complete 18 hours of Valentine Day.

Four of us celebrated the win together in a nearby 5 star hotel. We ate,danced and got drunk for next 3 hours. The clock struck 10 and we were finally in our room. 
I undressed myself quickly, went to the bathroom and took the Gillette shave gel. As i was about to start shaving, there was a  knock at the door. Nikita was standing there in her sexiest black color nighty. She came in ,took the gel, slowly applied it to my face and moved the razor gently.
After the shaving session ended , it was time for............hmmm........well.........that's secret..:P
Nwys we had a great time together in the bathroom as well as on our trip to Bali...:)

From that day onward I have made it a rule to shave daily, even twice a day also.
Because now I have know the consequences, if she can make me crave on Valentine day, lets not talk about what she can do on normal days...

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  1. Now this was a winning post with a happy ending :) all the best

    1. Hey Reshmi,
      thnx a lot for ur kind words..means a lot to me..:)
      All the best 2 u too..

  2. Haha..had an awesome hilarious time reading it :D

    All the best...

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    1. Thnx Fatima...I am glad that u loved it..:)
      All the best 2 u