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Book Review : Once upon the tracks of Mumbai

Wow..I am reading so many novels this days and the new one in the kitty is "Once upon the tracks of Mumbai" by Rishi Vohra

About the Author:
"Once upon the tracks of Mumbai" is the debut work of Rishi Vohra. He has recently relocated to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he had a successful career in the Indian Entertainment Industry.

What the cover speaks: 
If you go by the cover it makes you think that this novel is basically a love story which revolves around the railway tracks of Mumbai..But boy when you read it completely, you realize that there is a lot more in store, a profound message to be contemplated upon.

Something about the story:
There are 3 main characters in the story
1. Babloo : Autistic,schizophrenic and psychotic were the terms people used to address him.
                Everyone including his family considered him a useless person, born to do nothing except
                for Vandana who considered him as someone with a great heart and soul.
                His life is restricted to the railway quarters with negligible social visibility.

2. Vandana : She is a pretty lass with high dreams.
                   A railway office daughter trying to earn a place in advertising industry with an aim to
                   go to America describes her completely.
                   But for Babloo she is the love of his life, only person in this world whom he can blindly

3. Rail Man : He is the Indian Super Hero for Mumbai people. Keeping people safe and providing justice
                   by the railway tracks of Mumbai is the main motto in his life. When he paints his face  
                   black he looks a bit similar to Babloo. With increasing crime rates in Mumbai trains,
                   people hope so see a Rail Man in real too.

Will Babloo ever confess his love to Vandana? Will she accept his proposal ? Will Rail Man become a national hero ? Who is this Rail Man and where does he hails from ? Will Babloo ever get the respect and acceptance from his parents and society? Will Vandana marry the boy of his parents choice, who is none other than Babloo's younger brother?
The answers to all this questions forms the climax of the story which is quite interesting.

What I liked:
1. The characters of the story have a strong built.
2. Story is well paced and I never had a dull movement in the middle of the read.
3. People can actually connect to the character of Babloo , his struggle to create an identity and win the love of his life.
4. This novel makes you speculate your life and its troubles. Its gives you that most needed inspiration.
    Indeed a food for thought.
5. There are no typo and editorial errors.

My Verdict:
If you are looking for something different and unique to read, this novel serves the purpose to quite an extend. A perfect debut by Rishi Vohra, thumps up..:)

Title : Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai
Author : Rishi Vohra
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House
Pages : 266
Language : English
Cost : 175

Click here to know more about the author and his works.
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