Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Review : The Bankster

This is my first ever book review and I am glad that it started with
"The Bankster" by Ravi Subramanian.

About the Author:
Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Banglore ,working as a Banker for last two decades.
He is one of the bestselling author in India. His previous novels include-:
If God was a banker(2007)
I Bought the Monks Ferrari(2007)
Devil in Pinstripes(2009)
The Incredible banker(2011)

What the cover speaks:
When I got the book in my hand I was fascinated by its cover. Perfect for a thriller .
As my eyes moved down I was introduced to the author as "John Grisham of Banking" by The wall street journal. A big compliment indeed.

Something about the Story:

I love reading thriller novels, mainly those from Sydney Sheldon.
They are a perfect balance of suspense,thrill and sex..
So I had the same expectations from the Bankster when I started from Page1.
The name of book "Bankster" is a blend of banker and gangster. And true to its name the story revolves around fraud,crime,sex and deception in an International Bank, The Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2).

The GB2 Bank has build a solid reputation over years which is put at stack with a series of murder. Who is behind the murders ? What is the motive ?....
As investigation starts the people involved are killed off as they come across some vital evidence.
Then Karan Punjabi , ex banker of GB2 and current press reporter comes into picture to unveil the mystery of murders.
As picture gets clearer he realizes it to be a global conspiracy that can have devastating consequences if not stopped now.

With only 36 hours at his disposal, he needs to unravel the mystery and bring the truth out.
Whether he succeeds and if yes, How forms the climax of the story.

What I liked :
1. I could connect all the dots in the story and never found myself lost. All the action in Anglo,Vienna ,            
    Kerala and Mumbai are properly linked.
2. To my surprise there were no typo or editorial error which you could easily find in an Indian fiction.
3. Then banking jargon used is easily understood.
4. The story is well paced and I never feel like a void is been developed. Keeps the interest intact
5. The entire plot is well woven, specially the end.

Things that can be improved : 
There are too many characters in the story and sometimes its really difficult to relate their past and present actions.There should be more emphasis on their background which is missing.

My verdict:
I would surely recommend it to all the thrill lovers. The only point is don't consider it to be a classic and you won't be disappointed.

Title: The Bankster
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher : Rupa publication
Pages: 364
Language: English
Cost : 250

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