Thursday, August 20, 2015

Airtel 4G - The fastest network in India

Today the world is full of apps and new innovations in the tech industry. Every brand or company uses the technology to the fullest and in order to keep us engaged they keep on updating their technology and interfaces to give their customer a great user experience. 
Telecom companies are nowhere behind when it comes to updating their technology.
They always come up with something new and the leader of the industry is Airtel.
India’s biggest telecom operator has a surprise for all the Indians.
3G has become obsolete and there is something new in the market.

Airtel is the first company in India to launch 4G services and you are just one tweet away from experiencing it.

As an Airtel user I was excited to know about this announcement and without wasting any time I tweeted using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G to get my Airtel 4G sim card at my postal address that too without any cost. The time span of delivery was also only 6 hours.

The process is really very easy.
You just need to tweet #GetAirtel4G and get a reply from @airtelindia handle. The reply will have a link
which will direct you to a form where you need to put your delivery details.

Free home delivery of the sim and the fastest internet service in India are the biggest perks of using Airtel 4G connection.

Now you can access all your mails, social media accounts and the latest buzz around the world at such a fast speed which is still unbelievable to me. 

You can download games and movies as per your choice and also can watch online video without buffering. 

Airtel has been successful in providing us with a hassle free and amazing internet usage experience.

Indeed Airtel is really working hard to improve Indian technology and Airtel 4G is the live proof of it.  It is not just limited to fast speed but also gives you an open challenge that if any other network is faster than Airtel, it will pay your mobile bills for lifelong. No doubt it is in itself a big challenge and confidence which is the utmost guaranty for all Airtel users.

So are you a person having 4G compatible Smartphone and still cursing the Indian telecom companies for not coming up with 4G service?

Are you still looking for an internet service provider which can help you watch videos without buffering?

Is playing your favorite shooting games still a dream?
Airtel 4G is the one sure shot solution for all your above problems.

Tweet now to get your 4G sim and explore the world online like never before, indeed a lifetime experience.

Spread the word. Get your friends and family on this amazing network.
Remember, 4G is just a tweet away!!!......

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