Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Things that you can do in India and not in USA

1. You can freely open your natural tap & spit anywhere on or nearby the Indian roads but in USA you have to pay a fine if you are caught doing so.

2. In India speed limit signs are put just to match international traffic norms but not to be followed , also traffic rules are to followed only when you see a cop. In USA breaking even a single rule makes you guilty of a fine.

3. Littering is quite a normal activity in India exhibited by many people, but why I am still confused?
May be because it gives them some level of satisfaction or it makes them feel proud,  reason still unclear. In USA if you even forget to pack your garbage properly and keep outside your home at a defined time, you will be fined.

4. Piracy is considered a serious crime in USA which can put you behind bars for lifetime.
In India millions of people wait to download the newly released movie as cyber rules in India are
just for namesake purpose.

5. In India there is hardly any concept of zebra or pedestrian crossing so you can freely cross the road anytime as if you are strolling in your garden. In USA you can't cross the road anywhere in the middle , there are buttons on the signals which when pressed ons the green light for the pedestrians to cross.

6. Bargaining is the birthright of all Indians and they practice it with pride wherever possible.
In USA if you bargain for something may be you can be looked down upon.

7. Using water to wash while pooping can only be done in India as in USA you only have tissue paper for that purpose.

8. Travelling on top of trains and buses can happen only in India.

9. Only in India you can block roads with tents and other stuff when there is a marriage or some other function.

10. Only in India on the basis of your caste you can get into elite colleges taking the help of the biggest shit that exists in the world called Reservation.
In other countries its purely merit that decided your fate.


  1. well well, a lot has changed now Ankit.. :-)

    1. I don't think so it has changed..yeah it is in the changing process but not a major difference to look out for..