Sunday, May 3, 2015

When a non mumbaikar falls in love with a mumbaikar..Its fun..!!!

It's a famous saying that opposite attracts and fall in love, but what happens after that.
A small tale of a non mumbaikar who falls in love with a mumbaikar

How it starts

The initial days are fine but one fine day you face the real horror "Virar Train"

No phone network in local trains gives spark to your small fights.

When every restaurant just have paneer in veg and everything in the world, when it comes to non veg.


There is always Hollywood Action  vs   Bollywood mellodrama when it comes to movies 


A bachelor living alone in mumbai finds it hard to pass his time, while the localid finds it hard to give him time.

For the non mumbaikar every place seems to be half an hour away and there is a always a fight when he fails to make it on time..damn mumbai traffic.

When she finds the mumbai weather awesome while for the non mumbaikar, it sucks.
It stinks and sweats all the time.


The mumbaikar travels a lot and the non mumbaikar has his office just 15-20 mins away from his flat.

This post is just for a pinch of laughter and doesn't intend to offend anyone.