Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#EkNayiLeague, a league of Mr Kapil Dev !!!

Mr Kapil Dev, the famous cricketer and the captain of the Indian cricket team who won the first cricket world cup for India is not talking about cricket these days.

He is not busy coaching the newcomers and supporting the Indian cricket team but he is busy managing his twitter account.

Yes there is a buzz on his twitter account which is about #EkNayiLeague.
According to me this new league is going to be quite different and interesting as a person like Kapil Dev himself will be forming it.

Also I saw some videos which were created for the promotion of this new concept #EkNayiLeague.

Kapil Dev is seen talking to celebrities about how they will fail if they played his Nayi League with all their heart.
He is cautioning Kapil Sharma alias Bittu to not play this New League with his heart otherwise he will suffer from googly.
He also mentions about M.S Dhoni’s and his retirement and how people suggested against going that decision as both of them made the Indian team with all their heart.
But this new league is not to be played with heart.

He also talks about the women of India who are reaching new heights, especially in tennis he talks about Sania Mirza who plays from her heart, but again he cautions that his new league has nothing to do with heart.

So from his entire talking one thing is pretty clear that this new league is all about mind game and has nothing to do with heart, otherwise you will be hit wicket.

He is also talking about IPL and feels very proud to see young cricketers earning a handsome amount from it especially Yuvraj Singh who got a contract worth 16 crores Indian rupees in the current IPL season.

So basically I think this new league is also going to make people rich. It will raise the financial status of the participants. There is a speculation from my side that a good amount of money will be invested by various brands in this new league.

It can be a war between various teams/ individuals judging their decision making and various other mind boggling skills.

More or less it can be a reality show where people need to perform various tasks to retain their position in the league.

It can be a quiz or a game where people have to answer different questions correctly.

Whatever this new league is, it is all about the power of mind.

If by now you are able to predict something about this new league then here is your chance to win 1 lakh rupees.
Submit your prediction here and if your prediction is on target you can win a jackpot worth 1 lakh rupees and also a chance to meet Mr Kapil Dev.

Follow twitter account of Mr Kapil Dev to know more about his new league.

This post is written for #EkNayiLeague

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