Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Write, Inspire & Network

It is a hindi proverb which says that "Teen Tigada kaam bigada".
I too was a believer of the same when I came to know about the combo of this 3 together and what magic it can bring.

All the mathematicians will think I am talking about the 3 sides of triangle, no I am not.
Neither I am talking about Roti, Kapda & Makan.
If you have 3 musketeers or the 3 stooges in your mind, then I am really sorry but you are wrong.

Power, Paisa and Patni, is that the combo I am talking about though it looks nice but then I have something more bigger and better than this.

It's time to revel the curtains and let the world know about the 3 which can change the world.
This three words are Write - Inspire - Network.
In short this funda is also called WIN.

A person who can write well but can't inspire people from his writing is of no use.
On the other hand if a person can inspire people from his writing but doesn't has a means to
network his thoughts can just do good to himself.

Change or revolution for betterment can only happen if all this 3 come together.

This post has been written as part of the WIN '14 Activity at BlogAdda!