Friday, January 3, 2014

Inspiring youth to vote for Indian General Elections using Social Apps

The current Loksabha elections are nearing in and with that the excitement of selecting a new government is also increasing manifold…
Ohh Really !!! My friend Palak asked me.

Do you really think youth is interested in watching political leaders, listening to their speeches and pondering on the manifesto or policies of different political parties? If yes than dude please wake up. In today’s world youth is interested in watching models and heroines in one piece dancing on item numbers. They love listening to the foul language that is used in reality shows like roadies and big boss. Who is going to ponder upon a political party manifesto until and unless it also includes a menu containing sexy names of multi cuisines.

How do you expect that youth will take out time to vote when it is damn busy in playing games on facebook, tweeting for contests and watching movies.

I could easily sense the sarcasm in her words, but her points were quite valid.
Votes of educated youth were not at par as compared to those by illiterate junta which was the main vote bank of the political parties.

But the youth is not completely at fault, a major role is also of the technologically unsound system of voting in India.

If a person has to move out of his hometown for higher studies or job that there is no surety that he will be there to cast his vote during the time of election.
So it is the voting system that needs to be changed so that a citizen of India sitting anywhere can vote at the time of elections.

The time has come when online voting needs to be introduced at full pace in India.

There will be two ways of voting
1. The traditional one which is followed currently
2. Online voting.

There are 2 ways by which Online voting can be introduced
A. By creating a voting App.
B. Hosting a website where you can go and cast your vote.

In both the cases we will have 2 stages of validation.
In step one you will enter your 12 digit unique identification number which is there on the Aadhar card as the username. This will help you identify as a person.
In the next step we will be having biometric authentication in terms of retina scanning or finger print matching. The sample will be matched with the one which is already present in the Aadhar’s database. If it matches correctly than you are eligible to cast your vote.

But it has to be popularized and made accessible to all.
The best way is to put it where the youth spends most of their time, the social apps.

We can make a page on FB, handle on twitter, group on Whatsapp and WeChat where all the details on how, when and where to vote is given.

Political parties, Brands and NGO’s can be encouraged to come up with contests based on the general elections on facebook, twitter and other social media applications.

Some of the contests can be like
1. Person who casts his vote fastest and attaches the screenshot of the same wins a iPhone.
2. Every person who casts a vote will win some goodies.
3. Most Witty tweets can be given prizes. In such contests we can have hash tags like
    #GeneralElectionsIndia, #VoteIndia #YouthShouldVote.

We can have games where you can hit arrows, throw bombs or even eggs on the pictures of
political leaders who are fully covered in scams.
The person with maximum points will win something everyday.

Also we can have games like Parliamentvilla , Political Empire.
In Parliamenvilla who will be able to form your own government and govern the whole country.
You will be given a particular amount and those funds you can use to carry out your policies.
The whole purpose will be to increase the GDP, per capita income and exports of India.

Political empire will be a multiplayer game where everyone can form his/her own government, introduce manifestos and policies, use their own names and symbol for the their party.
Finally elections will happen where you have to fight hard to make your party win and form a government.

If youth will not get inspired by all this than I will only show them 2 pics which will surely make them rethink.

                It's time to wake up and vote for your rights.
                               Vote youth of India vote...
            Vote for your opportunities, happiness and dreams.


  1. liked the idea of using games for voting purposes. Manifesto of the youth is good at the end. All the best :)

    1. I am glad that u liked it Saurabh...thnx for the wishes..:)

  2. intresting. the contest thing is fun

  3. Great Thoughts dude..Fellow frustrated youth here