Sunday, February 4, 2018

Future is with Bose QC35 II headphones

It was year 2001. April was the month and the date was 21st. It was Ankit’s birthday and he was sitting in his room with his eyes on the book and earphones plugged in. But he was not so happy today. Why?? 
Ohhh!! Did we introduce Ankit to you? Please allow us.

Ankit is a happy-go-lucky boy. He loves to enjoy his life on his terms and conditions. He truly knows the meaning of  “living in the moment’. And he has his best friend with him always. Let’s know who he is? 

So, his earphones were his first best friend which never left him alone.

But why was he upset on his birthday? Actually, he was watching the movie “back to the future” with his cousins a day before. And something came up in his mind. He started thinking how would be the world after 15 years, especially the music and technology fields. What all gadgets will his future self get to enjoy. He just thought: 

And that night, something happened. He got up to go for the pee and suddenly saw the mirror. A light was reflected from the mirror. 

The future Ankit, about 16 years older than him, was in front of him, wearing a cool pants and having headphones in his ears. He was completely looking like party animal.

Both of them were shocked.

Ankit said: Who are you? What are doing in my room so late in night? How did you get inside? Go outside or I will call my parents..

Future Ankit: Hey listen. Calm down! Relax! Don’t worry.. I am your future. Have you asked for any wish for your birthday?
Ankit: Yes. I wished I could seem future.
Future Ankit: Ohh!! That’s why I am here.. God approved your wish from the queue.
Ankit: Wow!! I am so excited to see you.
Future Ankit: And so am I!!
**beep sound**
Future Ankit: Just a sec. Let me turn of my reminder.
**he presses a button on his headphone and start talking**
“turn off the reminder”. So what were you saying??

Ankit: To whom were you saying to turn off the reminder? Is there anyone else who has come with you from future?
Future Ankit (smiles): Yes. I carry my assistant always with me who does many work for me.(winks)
Ankit: Where is he? I wanna meet him. Please call him. I am so eager to meet my future assistant.
(eyes opens widely)
Future Ankit: It is just in front of you.
Ankit: Where?? I cannot see anyone other than two of us.
Future Ankit: It is just on my head. See.
Ankit: Your headphones??
Future Ankit: Yes. He is my personal assistant.
Ankit: How can the headphone be anybody’s personal assistant. That’s not possible. You are kidding with me. You don’t want to tell me who is your assistant.
Future Ankit: You don’t believe me. Ok see. I will hold this action button, say something and it will do that for me.
Ankit: Ok.
Future Ankit (holds the action button on headphones): Ok google. Play the next song for me.

**songs start playing**
Ankit: That’s my favorite song. This is so great.
Future Ankit: I know that!!
Ankit: These headphones seems amazing and interesting. Please tell me more about it.
Future Ankit: Ok. Then listen to me carefully about these amazing Bose QC35 II headphones and how has they made my life better.

The morning with a great start:
Early in the morning, when my alarm rings up and I get up for the jogging and workout, these are the best companion for me. They add up so much fun and enjoyment to my workout session. It pays my favorite playlist at very clear sound, no matter what the sound level is. And I can change the song with google assistant. I don’t need to take my phone out of the pocket. Such a comfort!!

Afternoon hacks:
When I am traveling to my office in the metro where there is so much of hush-rush and noise, then these are my saviors. With these in my ears, I don’t feel any outside huss and fuss. Only me and my music. I feel so relaxed and freshen-up when I reach to my office. I just love that feel!!

Work life:
When I need to be on a important client call where I need zero disturbance and clear communication, I just put these on my ears and get started with my conversation. No complaints from the client side!! It always end with “It is always great talking with you Ankit, such a clear communcation!!” That give an another level of satisfaction.

Evening love:
What do you think about the battery level of any gadget which is being used from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Die out, right?? But not for this headphones. When I am on my way back to home, these are charged with enough power to make me charged again. As I listen to the music in my ears with such a great sound, I get all my energy back in me.

And so from morning to the night, this headphone is my favorite companion.

Ankit: Wow!! Such a great gadget to have in day-to-day life.
Future Ankit: Don't worry!!  You are going own it after 16 years. Till then, have fun. Bbye.
Ankit: I wish I could have these now. Anyways. Bbyes!!

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