Thursday, November 10, 2016

Adlabs Imagica : First Impressions

Adlabs Imagica, the most popular theme park of India is located in Khopoli, around 150 kms from Mumbai. First look of this dreamy land makes me recall my memories of Disneyland in Orlando, USA.
We can call it mini Disneyland.

With addition of Snow and Aqua Park, Adlabs Imagica has become a complete family destination.
Recently I got the opportunity to review the park and here is my take on it.

Snow Park

Snow Parks always excite me and this time was no different.

Things that I loved here -:
1. Snow Park is big enough to accommodate a good chunk of people hence you get sufficient space to enjoy and have fun.
2. Sliding from the top in a tube is definitely a must try thing.
3. The disc plays some good music and it is fun dancing amid the snow.
4. Lot of snow to throw at each other.
5. Sofa made up of ice where you can sit and get snapped.

Things that can be improved on -:
1. The hall where you put on the attire required to get in the Snow Park, stinks a lot.
2. The time for each session is a bit less which can be increased to 45 minutes.

Aqua Imagica
We only did a tour of the park as we were short of time.

Though we didn't try any rides here but from the info the tour guide gave us and from the look and feel, I can conclude the below -:
1. There are lot of rides which are suited for people of all age segments.
2. If you are expecting rides with lot of twists, turns and drops, you won't be disappointed.
3. Apart from the general attractions like Aqua Disc and Wave pool with sea like waves there are quite a good no of rides which offer you a great thrilling experience.

a. Loopy Woopy - If you are a speed lover this one is for you.
Plummet through a 39 ft. vertical drop into a 360-degree
looping slide of speed and exhilaration.

b. Swirl Whirl
- This exhilarating ride takes you through a
thrilling series of twists and turns, and then plummets you into         the core of the funnel where you share 4 to 5 near-vertical
oscillations before exiting the flume into the final plunge.

c. Twisty Turvy
- The exciting gravity-defying coaster with hair-
raising drops and breath-taking curves. It blasts riders uphill on        water jets, launching them into the ‘Super Bowl’ with centrifugal
forces keeping them high on the wall for several turns, and
ending through an enclosed flume into a splashdown pool.

d. Not to forget the wave pool at Imagica is a regular for famous

Theme Park
Finally it was time to explore the magical land which is also called Mini Disney Land.

Things that I liked here -:

1. Rides -:
There are rides for all kind of people here.
If you love to feel the adrenaline rush and thrill while twisting and swirling in the roller coaster rides, here are some great options.

a. Nitro - India's biggest and craziest roller coaster ride which will
take your excitement to a completely different level.

b. Dark Space - India's first roller coaster which runs in dark.
Feeling the adrenaline rush in a completely dark dome that too at
crazy speeds is a pure bliss.

c. Scream Machine - This gigantic rotating Pendulum ride makes
you recall those childhood days of Columbus, a ride similar to
it.Most of us who have enjoyed Columbus, this ride is a pure bliss.

d. Wrath of Gods - This is a great special effect show using air, water and fire.

e. Rajasaurus River Adventure - A good Story telling with an
awesome splash at the last.

f.  I for India - Witnessing the magnificent India from a helicopter's height is a unique lifetime experience.

g. Mr India - When one of my favorite movies of the childhood goes 4D, it has to be awesome.

2. Food -:
The variety and taste is good though the price is slightly on a
higher side.

3. Photographer's paradise -:
The walls of Imagica are painted and decorated so beautifully that
you will find a lot of photography  opportunities here.

4. Parade -:
The grand parade is one of the most popular attractions of Imagica
which shouldn't be missed.
Amazing dancers, famous cartoon characters and beautiful
tableau will definitely make you go gaga.


Things that can be improved
1. Laser show was good but I had much more expectations from it.
There is a lot of scope to make it more creative, innovative and
2. The price of food and stuff in stores is a bit heavy on the pocket.



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  1. Wow, I didn't know there is a theme park in India also.
    Nice to read...thanks. Photography sure would be a delight there!