Saturday, August 6, 2016

Road trip from Charlotte to Washington DC - Independence day..!!

The route from Charlotte to Washington DC is among one of the best I have seen.
Beautiful views start as we touch West Virginia and then the stretch continues till Washington DC.
Scenic forests, Foggy mountains, light drizzling and beautiful terrain all around.

This was the first time we drove for 2 consecutive nights.
Also this was one of the most adventurous drive of my life as it was raining heavily with lot of fog around and all I could see were the white lines on the road.

As July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day in US we got the opportunity to see some amazing fireworks too..


  1. oh my my ...what a blog you have buddy and what a blogpost this is soothing and so adorable ...nice to see your blog ...keep blogging

    1. I am glad you liked it :)
      Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

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    1. Glad you loved them :)
      Coming from a pro travel blogger means a lot :)