Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And I learned to play with them..

In our school it was a rule for the boys to have a solider cut.
Everyday our karate teacher who was also in charge of discipline committee used to check our hair.
If someone was found guilty of keeping long hairs, he was given an exotic package

This package included -
10 rounds of 500 meter long ground and 20 push ups all under the love of red hot sun. And yeah not to forget 2-3 claps came complementary.
No one dared to afford it and I was no exception.

Also I had no time for my hairs as I was busy preparing for different milestones which included clearing NTSE in 9th, than securing a merit in 10th and finally cracking IIT.
So I was happy with my short rough hairs.

Though I couldn't crack IIT but got admission in one of the top engineering college of my state.
In school it was karate sir and here seniors took his place.
No causal attire, collar button should be closed, always look at the third button of your shirt and address every senior using sir/mam were few protocols set.

Though many didn't like it but I had no problem as it made me look the same.
As the studies pressure was not so much as it was during my IIT preparation days hence I began to take interest in different extra circular activities also.
Dance was one thing I was really interested in and fortunately got selected in the 1st year group which was going to perform in the cultural fest.

Our group had 4 boys and 4 girls. I was paired with Nehal.
It was those days when for the first time in my life I came close to the opposite sex and came to know more about them.
Nehal was quite impressed with my dancing skills and intellect. I was too fascinated by her beauty.
The attraction grew stronger and I finally proposed her.
Though it was not a instantaneous yes but finally when she said it , I could hear nothing else.

Finally first year passed away and everyone welcomed second year, the year of freedom , the year of seniority with open arms.
Now was the time to look stylish and fashionable.

One day I and Nehal were sitting in the parking area. She was looking sizzling hot in her black skirt, white top and high heels.
I slowly placed my head on her lap and tried to flirt but was hit by a tsunami, volcano would also fit in.
Get up now , just get up...she was yelling at me with pain.
"I have few things to say to you and don't you dare ignore it ", she ordered

1. Your hairs are like cactus. I could feel them digging inside by soft skin. They are so rough and dry.
    Every girl likes to play with her guy's hair. Soft and silky, wow what a feeling that would be!!!..
    But I don't think I am lucky enough.
2. Also you know I heard from some junior gals that people make fun of you.
    They say "Ye to second year mai bhi junior hi reh gaya".
    It feels so bad when people talk like this about you. Can't you get out of this soldier cut avatar and       get a proper stylish one.

I could connect her words with that of many others.
Like my niece used to say "You are a very bad Chahu, you prick me with your hair", whenever I used to sleep in her lap.
My friends used to call me "Ujadi Zameen ke Loote hoye Sultan".
And even my mom who would not say anything when I used to sleep in her lap but I could very well understand that my rough and cactus like hairs caused her pain too.

Now was the high time to change and get out of this soldier cut mode.
I asked Nehal if she had something in her mind and without any haste she suggested
"Dove Men+Care" shampoo.

This time I did let my manes grow and decided to play with them.
Dove helped me a lot to keep them silky and soft.

I started with The Spike look and so did Leonardo DiCaprio..

                                                        source :

Then I tried something which the gentleman below tried to copy..

                                                          source :

And finally I impressed Nehal with my new shoulder hair cut from which Iron man also got inspired and used it to woo his gal..:P

                                                             source :

Now a days it was not me alone who wanted to play with my manes.
My girlfriend used to enjoy hours touching, running her fingers through and messing them up.
Even my niece started calling me Acche Chahu..

A new life had started. No more any karate sir, seniors or milestones can stop me from looking stylish and playing with my hairs.
All thanks to my sweetheart Nehal and world leader in Hair solution "DOVE"


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  1. Interesting entry with some cool men :) Nice story :) Best wishes!

    1. Glad u liked it..thnx for the wishes.
      All the best 2 u too..:)

  2. Hahaha HAHaha - Are you the only 'man' taking part in this contest? You should be given a special prize for this man ? Very good post :P Reminds of Childhood days :D And who is this Nehal? I thought she was Monal :P

    1. lol...thnx Proton..*raising collar*..;)
      Nehal is my gf dude..:D

  3. ahahah...Never read a man write about his hair!!
    hehehe this was amusing!!
    All the best!

    1. Yeah I just loved writing this..:P
      thnx and all the best 2 u too..:)