Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fragrances, connecting us with different memories of past..

Nose is the most sensitive part of our body. Just a smell of tadka can make us sneeze for minutes.
We come across hundreds of smell every day, some pleasant and some terrible.
But there are some fragrances which bring the memory of long lost moment crashing back to the forefront of our minds.
It’s really amazing how simple airborne molecules can trigger such vivid recollections.

While I was cleaning by bike some petrol spilled out of the tank.
The smell of petrol made me remember those college days when I used to get the tank of my bike full and hit the highways without any destination in mind. Also I just love the scent of petrol. It is so mesmerizing. There were times when I used to visit petrol pump thrice in a week. But with the rates shooting up like a rocket from 50 to 70, my visit has just reduced to once a week..:(

My neighbour had a whitewash few days back. The smell of the paint brought me back to the memory lane when my new home was under construction and I was so damn excited to choose the colours for my room.

We got our pavement cemented recently. The smell of cement triggers those memories when I and Dad used to stand for hours in the hot sun visualizing every minute details of our dream home which was under construction.

During monsoon the aroma of wet soil, very fresh and earthy brings back those childhood days when I and my friends used to eagerly wait for the first drops of rain. The damp grass and slosh of puddles under our feet used to make us dance and enjoy like crazy.

It also plays with the heartbeat as the romantic memories start to pour in. Those long walks with that someone special, holding hands in hand and clouds playing the cupid is just amazing.

When someone gets hurt and dad who is a doctor applies Betadine on it, the smell of the tube takes me to those days when I used to fall from the cycle once every fortnight and get bruises all over my body. I used to race with cars and bikes but unfortunately the chain of my cycle was a Bevda Aashiq , off the track every time with no control of its own.

Coming to the food items, the smell of Khicadi (Daal-rice one) reminds me of those time when I was new to cooking and it was the first thing I added to “What all I can cook list’’..:)

The smell of Gajar ka Halwa , Badam Halwa , bhutte ka kees..etc etc.. rewinds life to that phase of childhood when I and my brother used to fight till the last bite of the dish was left.

Some smells are frightening and you need to be very cautious while dealing with them.
One such smell is of Leaking Gas. An incident from my past comes flashing by whenever my nose senses a gas leakage. There was an old lady aged around 60 who used to live in our colony with her family. Once when her son and daughter in law went to a trip to Thailand she was alone at home. Unfortunately the knob of cylinder was left open for the whole night. In morning when she got up to 
make her morning tea, there was a blast and she was 90% burnt. The lady died after 3 days.

Some smells bring back the most memorable moments of your life, one of which is the smell of Mehandi. Whenever someone in my family or friends apply mehandi , it reminds me of my brother’s marriage when for the first time in my life mehandi was applied on my hands. Those funny and crazy moments which all the family members shared during the mehandi session comes flashing in front of me.

There are lot and lots of fragrances and smells; some bring in good memories while some bad ones.
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