Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to be fashionable while working out..

In today’s world everyone wants to look good and fashionable every time.
Be it a party, hangout with friends or office, you wanna look your best.

For looking good the most important thing is to remain fit and for that a daily work out is a must.
So how to look fashionable and fit at the same time, let’s find out.

        Your body becomes all sweaty when you workout. A stinking body is the last thing you will ever    
       want. So always keep 2-3 Deos with you.

         Always wear something which you are comfortable in. 

          Being comfortable doesn't means that a girl will hit the gym wearing a boy’s short
      and a baggy t-shirt.  
      Wear something that at the same time emphasizes your femininity.
       Same goes for boys, let those biceps get noticed. 

         Don’t carry your office bag to the Gym. There are many trendy sport bags available in the market.

         Don’t go for flashy clothes. Wear something which is plain with a minimum level of design on it.

         Loose clothes are a big no, always wear something which makes you appear all toned up.

A Sweat fitness band will not only soak all you sweat but also make you look cool.

      Not only bikers look macho in gloves, so can be boys working out at a Gym.

      For boys, the best dress up at a Gym is a Short, T-shirt and shoes.
For girls it is leggings, T-shirt and shoes.

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