Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tale of Keshvati with Raven hair...

I am Keshvati from a village called Keshevghad..

I was born as  a normal child but as I grew older,I became the most beautiful girl of my village and the most extraordinary thing about me were my shiny dark strands which were prefect in every sense...:)

My brother CharanKumar was a worker in a chemical factory in the city. I always wanted to see the city life, its people and its culture, so I used to urge him to also take me along.

One fine day brother told me to get ready as we were going to visit the city. It was a special day for him as he was going to be awarded the best worker of the factory.So he also wanted me to accompany him.

I was overwhelmed with joy after listening to this. Quickly I teased the top portion of my hair to create a bump at the front and let my tresses fall on the sides to create a look something similar to this.


As the award function was in the evening he decided to take me to the mall as it was the most happening place of the city. He also wanted me to know how different brands existed under a single roof and you can get all household items from there..:)

Dove have organised "The most beautiful Hair of the City" contest in the mall and fortunately there was no restriction on the entry of the contest.
I was very eager to take part in it,so I asked brother to fill the registration form for me.
When my turn came I slowly went on the stage and was very happy to see that not only judges, dove officials but audience too were surprised to see the beauty of my locks.

I was crowned the "The most beautiful Hair of the City" and got 10k in cash.

It was the moment I was waiting for, a feeling of being at top of the world and to add to it there were calls coming for interview from different local newspapers. CharanKumar was also a proud brother.He thanked god for all the happiness that was coming to our doorstep.
Both of us decided to have a dinner in a 5 star hotel to celebrate our success after the award function.

It was evening and we have reached the factory on time for the function.
The Chief Guest was Mayor of the city and as usual he had some personal work so the  function was delayed by an hour.
In the meanwhile CharanKumar decided to show me the factory. There were lot of machines and toxic chemicals all around so he told me to take special care.

I was surprised to see huge containers filled with toxic material and machines working flawlessly to get the right amount of each chemical mixed together.
He showed me the hall where he worked. As we were inspecting the machines suddenly alarms started roaring everywhere. Till the time we could have known the cause of alarm, there was fire all around the room.

Toxic gases filled the room making it difficult to breathe and even see. CharanKumar soon lost consciousness and fell down. I cried for help but there was none to help us. The fire was closing in so without wasting any time I tried my best to drag him out of the room. In doing so I banged into a container and was about to fall into it but was saved my a security guard.

I thanked the guard for saving my life but instead of receiving the gratitude he ran away from there.
I was surprised by his behavior but than saving life of brother was the top most priority.

Somehow I took him out of the room but within moments I too became unconscious.
When I came to senses, I found myself lying on a hospital bed. The doctor sat alongside me and asked how all this happened ?
When I asked about my brother they told me that he was dead.
I was in deep pain and sorrow and slowly as I moved my hand to the head( I normally do this when I am perturbed ) , I was shocked. Quickly I went infront of the mirror to find what had happened to my hair and almost fell dead on the sight of seeing myself.

I was almost bold from back with only few patches of hair distributed randomly on my head.
I looked more like a witch from a horror movie.

Somehow I tried to recall what would have happened and could only remember that when I was about to fall in the container and was saved by the security guard, I felt something hot on back of my head, might be my hair got in contact with the virulent chemical kept in the container.

Doctor told that it could take years for my hair to grow and the treatment would atleast cost me 200k bucks..It was nearly impossible for me to manage such a big amount.

So I decided to go back to the village and get my treatment done from the babas there..
When I came back, people of the village asked me about my identity. I told them that I was their Keshvati and explained what all happened..
Some people consoled me but most of the villagers were jealous of my beauty from the time I was born, so they wanted me to suffer.
My house and land were taken away and I was made to live a life of beggar.
Trauma of my brother's death and unbearable agony made me a dead soul.
I started behaving abnormally and was soon declared mad.

Unfortunately plague crept in the village killing around 200 people.
Superstitious villagers thought that this was due to curse of some witch which was present in my body. Without giving any second thought they decided to tie me to the Banyan tree and burn me alive.

When Parvati who was my best friend came to know about this plan of inhumanity ,she took the courage to take me away from the village into the city, so that my life could be saved.
I had a small bag which I took with me when I was thrown out of my house.
It had my crown which I got from dove, my brother's photo and some clothes. Fortunately it also had a visiting card which read
Priya Sharma
Marketing Manager 
Dove Mumbai
Mob: 9920846744

Parvati saw a small light of hope when she took that card and as there was no other option left she decided to call Priya.
After listening to what all had happened with me,Priya was in tears.She asked Parvati to have courage and promised to help me by all the possible means.

Soon I was admitted to a renowned hospital where my hair treatment was gonna be done.
Within 2 months doctors could see a miracle happen. Hair started to grow from all parts of my scalp. There was something extraordinary with me and it was proved yet again.
Within few weeks hair grew till my shoulder. I was super excited like a little kiddo and called everyone to my room. When all were there I shouted on top of my voice "and that was the end of my hair problems", as if I was relieved from tons of burden , soon tears started rolling down from my eyes. I hugged Priya tightly and thanked her for what all she has done.

Priya told me that she has done everything for the sake of humanity and still something was left to be taken care of. Though my hair had grown full length but they were very dry, thin and rough.
Lets try out our new product on your hair, she told me.
It is the Dove damage therapy which include an Intensive repair Shampoo and a Conditioner.


It has Serum and Fiber which will internally reconstruct hair and prevents split ends and breakage.
Within 2-3 months your hair will become smooth, shinny and beautiful.
The damage therapy worked like a miracle. It not only made my hair soft and smooth but also brought the original shine which I used to have in them.

"And that was the end of my hair problems",not only hair problem but all other problems too.
I was given the most amazing and life changing opportunity to work as the Dove model. I could see myself on the huge banners standing tall at all corners of the city.

Together with dove I also started two NGOs KESH KRANTI and Save Hair India.

The main motive behind Kesh Kranti was to make people aware about various hair problems, their remedies, preventive measures to be taken to avoid them in future , how to make hair strong and smooth and a healthy diet that would also keep their hairs healthy..

Under Save Hair India we pledged to help 10 hair burn victims every year, right from the surgery to all other medical expense will be taken care by us.

It was a new beginning..My life has just started..:)

This is a fictional story which is part of a contest  by Dove Damage Therapy on Indiblogger.

Have a look at dove wonderful products at 


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    1. Hey..this is an interesting story!!! The build up is really good! Just couldn't wait to read the end... Some of the illustrations are very cute! Keep it up!!! :-)

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