Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If Time Were Mine

While the Sun fights its nightly battle

And the street chatter dims away

The wind has stopped blowing,

My smile fades away…. Making me wonder

What if time were mine?

 My mother’s love would live a thousand years

And a friend’s hug would be for a day

No one shall see trickling tears

As happy moments would always stay.

 Time would kick the selfish fools,

Kiss the kind and humane.

With ‘dark’ who are in cahoots,

Will have prolonged period of shame.

 The shadows of sorrow would pass in a jiffy,

Playtime at school would linger longer.

The fleeting thought, that is always tricky

This ‘time’ shall not let it escape.

 If time were mine; my smile would remain

The wind would blow forever

Noise on street would prevail

And the Sun would fight no more.

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