Monday, November 7, 2011

My hair My life My way

First of all thank you dove for such a lovely gift 

Indeed a great campaign on Indiblogger by dove which intrigued me to participate in it.
The theme of the contest says it all 
"Love your hair and it loves you back".

So here I share , endless love for my hair and dove which makes me love them even more and care.

I have written a poem and created 2 videos to express my amazing feelings.

They are so soft, they are so brown;
They are god gifted natural crown...!!!
They get so much love, they get so much care;
Why shouldn't they , after all they are my hair..!!!

When I make them clean , when I make them shine;
I can't explain , I feel so divine..!!!
When I set them in style , people stare for quite a while;
Why won't they , after all they are my hair..!!!

I keep it free from dust;
I keep it dandruff free..!!!
and in doing say ;
I get lots of glee..!!

Hair is the thing I like;
Hair is the thing I love..!!!
And to keep it shiny and healthy;
I always use Dove...!!!

Just as mother care for me;
Dove cares for my hair..!!!
I never worry for hair problems;
As dove is always there...!!!

Here are the links for the 2 videos 

The first video is about a gal Maria who had her dreams and how did they got shattered..?????
Was she able to fulfill her dream..please have a look at the video to find out more..

When dreams came true

Second video is inspired from Coffee with Karan...:P

Secrets of lovely hair revealed on a interview


  1. Last paragraph is nicely worded...Lovely poem, a delight to read with the music...All the best!

  2. thanks a lot saru...keep coming by more often..:)

  3. nice pst and good is my take on the subject .. have a look...and nice music u hv here

  4. Thanx for dropping my Zradar...
    All the best 2 u too..:)

  5. Thanks a lot geeta...keep coming by more often..:)