Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best friends and wedding bells

When we left the clg everyone was excited about the new job...the cooperate

Each of us where all set to pack our bags and gear up for the companies we were recruited in..

We were busy partying,hanging out with our best friends...bidding goodbyes to those who were leaving with a promise to meet soon..

But now, after 8 months down the line everything has no more find them ready to do some masti..dhamal..
hanging out to new places..your bike beckons them but they are not ready to listen..

I think till now you might have guessed the centre of attraction..the protagonist of this blog..if not lemme reveal it..I am talking about the close to heart babes of our life..

They are your secrets warehouse..your gal next door finders..
they are your 2am friend...they are your best pals..

But things have changed now..they can hear thier wedding bells..
And now they wanna make you hear it loud and cheer for the same..i am not getting rude..its my duty to heartly congrate them and be happy for it..but if you go deep into my heart you can see the pain of losing a best friend who from now on is not going to be a part of your stupidities,your pranks,your life..:(

You will miss those party throwers who for any damn reasons were ready to party hard and that too from their pocket...:P
I am really gonna miss you Paridhi for that...just kidding..:)

Some of them were bindas babes...all vivacious and thilwai ustad..They were always ahead in innovating different pranks.
when you and your GF wanted privacy they were always ready to iritate and agitate you. even to the extent that you might wanna kill her for that..But thr presence always filled the air with livliness and thr absence makes every1 a dead soul..
I am really gonna miss Neha for making me fall into troubles of all sort..:P
i am gonna miss those hangouts at 56 with you dear..:(

Than comes those girlie gals which make you feel the presence of feminism in your group.They are those barbie dolls who need to be pampered all the time.They are soft and pretty.
As of now I think I wont miss no1 for that..

Fianlly comes that 1 who will always keep you in confusion and fuss.
She wont ever show that she too feels a spark for you.
If you wanna learn how to hide expressions better visit her.
And yes ,if by any chance you reveal a bit of your feelings she wont take you seriously and would tag you a flirt or might be also casanova.
She would excitedly tell you that "meri shaddi fix ho gayi hai" and would want you to remain appease. She will also blame you for not confessing your feelings before as if she was waiting for it from so long..

And the list ends now...

Itni jaldi shaddi mat karo yaar sab nahi to masti and dhamal karne ke liye no1 would be left..
Nwys all the very best for your life to all those who have got engaged..

well feeling nostalgic now..I stop here...
comments awaited..:)


  1. Dedicated to girls? I wonder why no girls have commented yet?

  2. It made me cry, it made me smile. It made me laugh, love and hate. I dont know if every one comes across a situation like this...but it is a part of our lives. Probably even u will be missed by some girl friend of urs some day! And yes... There is something i want to know. :P

  3. @juzer: gals are unpredictable....
    @not Anonymous: thanks a lot for ur wishes..i hope the same for u...