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Victory of love in Bermuda Triangle-part II

"Salomi is indeed a very good pilot", thought rohan as he was enjoying the ride to the fullest. Everything was going smoothly , rohan was appreciating her flying skills and was trying to be a bit flirty.

Suddenly salomi noticed some sparks and commotion in the far east , she knew that bermuda triangle fell in the same region but that charismatic light forced her to move in its direction. After traveling for some 5 mins or more the light suddenly disappeared and all d compasses and other equipments of plane stopped working.

Rohan and salomi couldn't believe what they were seeing. They were awed to look at the big crator that has developed in the middle of the ocean. It was completely black , had tremendous magnetic power and looked like some black hole. The crator extended to the bottom of the sea with a cylindrical tube at its center which sucked the plane inside it like an anaconda swallowing its prey.

Their plane had a crash but no one got hurt. It was all dark outside.
Both of them got out and was amazed to see no water beneath. Surface was very spongy and flat. In a fraction of second, white luminous light fell on both of them.
Two 10 foot giants approached them. They had a ruby ball shaped face with a long tail. Everything there was gigantic. Huge trees, bats as big as humans and even the smallest insect there was as big as a sparrow.

Both of them were taken to a huge castle like structure which was made in middle of d trees. They were put in a big nest which was as big as a football ground and was guarded by those giants on back of big lizards which were their pets.
It had 3 different cylindrical structures inside it. When they entered the 1st structure a voice came. It was high pitched and to their amazement was in English. Welcome to the land of Atlantis. You are our slaves, but we will give you a chance to prove your intelligency and braveness.
We have 3 cylindrical structures here . Each 1 has a surprise waiting for you. If u get to survive all 3 of them, we will let you free.

The voice faded away and suddenly lights turned on. They saw 16 more humans, 12 men and 4 women.They got a note in english explaining them their 1st challenge which was a race between them and 8 other teams. The race course was 2 km long and had bridges, caves and a grasslands in the path. They were provided with a map to guide them. Rohan was a gud tracker and salomi also had training in forest areas so for them it was not that difficult. Some caves and grasslands were homes to big snakes and insects so they had to be careful in following the route. Finally only 6 teams were able to complete the race and their team was 1 of them. This race was kept to test the nimbleness and physical strength of a person.

Next cylindrical structure looked more like a bhool bhulaiya which had 6 doors, 1 for each team. There was a puzzle at each door whose answer provided the path to the next correct door. This structure was built to test the IQ level of a person. Puzzles included Sudoku , crossword , logic , number and picture puzzles which need to be completed in a given amount to time. If someone answered incorrectly , the surface beneath them went apart and they fell into some kinda of a hole. Rohan was good at solving sudoku ,logic and numeric puzzles while salomi helped sail past the remaining 2. Finally 3 teams were left with salomi and rohan completing it the fastest.

Salomi was quite impressed by rohan's intelligence and confidence. There was a chemistry ,a bond building in between both of them. The final test was 3 hrs latter.
Salomi was tired and quite frighten by what was happening. She saw people falling and even eaten away my snakes and spiders. Rohan understood that she was perturbed ,so he came near her, took her in his arms and consoled her by saying that he would do whatever was in his power to take her home safely and that she should keep confidence in herself. She kissed him gently on the cheeks.

3rd and final structure was biggest among the 3. Here 1 of them was tied to a spider web and the other had to find a flower whose fragrance would keep the spider away. Flower was inside a cave which had all sort of dangerous animals , flying spears and bridges which started demolishing once you stepped upon them. Each person was given a 5 in 1 weapon which had gun, sword, key, gum like paste and a rocket luncher. Different weapons were to be used to prevent the various obstacles that came in middle. Rohan told salomi to have faith in him and god. He assured her to return back with the flower.

Rohan and 1 more guy was able to make it to the flower but only 1 of them could have it, so they both jumped upon the flower and in an attempt to take the flower from each other ,they made it fell into a deep valley.
Only 5 mins were remaining for the spider to return so both of them hurried towards the web. When they reached there it was too late , the spider had eaten 1 of them and now it was the turn of salomi. Rohan had used all his weapons except the key, he had no option than killing the spider bare handed so without wasting a second he jumped over the spider and somehow got to its top.
He had no flower to stop it but he kept hanging there and tried to prevent it from getting onto salomi. Spider attacked him with its sharp legs, 1 of which injured his shoulder and blood started coming out. But he didn't loosen his gripe and attacked spider in its eye with a stone making it blind.

Seeing the opportunity he quickly ran towards salomi and disentangled her. They unlocked the door using the key and ran outside the cylindrical structure. "We did it", shouted rohan with joy embracing salomi. She couldn't believe what rohan did for her , but she knew 1 thing now that rohan was her man. Both looked into each other eyes and could feel the intense and passionate love that existed there.

They were taken out of the nest to the central part of castle. There were amazing sculptures of big giants made all over the castle who were believed to be the founders and kings of Atlantis. King of Atlantis congratulated them for being victorious and ordered special arrangements for their stay. They were taken to a hall which had gold craving all over it. There was a big bed in centre of the hall and had all other facilities. Rohan and salomi were very happy to know that they would be getting released 2mrw.

It was night time and salomi and rohan were in bed ,naked and ecstatic. They were busy making love to each other. After some time salomi felt asleep but rohan had a habit of reading something before he slept, so he started looking for a book and finally found 1 on atlantis culture and tradition. They didn't used paper but wood to write upon. After reading few pages he came to know that the people of atlantis were expert magician and the crator inside the ocean, the magnetic force were just a small demonstration of their power of magic.

Suddenly he stopped on a page and kept reading it over and over again. He felt as if he was shot in the head, all his senses started to fade away. Page had the following lines written," If someone was able to clear all the 3 cylindrical structures ,he is what we want and should be given royal treatment. Next day he should be taken to the Room of Strength were he is made to lay in a chamber of suction which would suck all his power, qualities and skills and would transfer all of that to the royal members of atlantis. The body than should be feed to hungry lizards.

Rohan didnt tell salomi anything what we read but just prayed to god because he knew there was no way he could fight them. If his love was true ,it would change the mindset of atlantis people.
Next day both of them were taken to room of strength and as he anticipated both were made to lay in the chamber of suction as a part of ritual, atlantisian offered their guests which made them pious.
The process started and suddenly both of them started feeling weak ,as if all their energy was sucked up. Slowly they lost consciousness and fainted.
King of atlantis was feeling very fresh after the transformation, but suddenly he realized that he was doing wrong ,that a emotion called true love existed in the world and even god respected it and to disrespect it meant disrespecting god. He could feel the power of love which dominated all other emotions in his body.

He ordered his gladiators to perform reverse transformation and to release them with complete respect. Rohan and salomi came to senses and were quite happy to be alive again. Salomi was quite puzzled and confused bt rohan was delighted to find that salomi's love for him was also true and that it had worked in their favour . He thanked god for making their love win. King told salomi what happened and what he felt. It took some time but saloni understood what actually happened and why were they still alive today.

Salomi came near rohan and kissed him so passionately that the giants too felt shy.
Both of them sat in the plane and flew along the cylindrical tube which had sucked them before. They reached home and told everyone the whole story.

"Bye Rohan, i love u" salomi expressed loudly. They knew that they have to remain apart for 2 years as both of them had to complete their graduation. Bt after that they vowed to spend rest of their life together as 2 bodies 1 soul.

True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on, so keeping giving and getting love.. bt truly..:)

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  1. Interesting read.
    Though the events could be predicted to quite an extent, description of the castle, the three cylinders, and other contents are superb and exciting. They make you feel as if you were at the same place. After I finished reading it, I was not liking that it was over.