Thursday, March 19, 2015

The perfect combo : Cricket and Fashion..

The world cup has entered into its crucial stage with quarterfinals in progress.
Excitement levels have increased and so are the expectations.
Since 1975 when the first world cup was held, there has been lot of changes in the way cricket has been played. Technological advancements have made the game more transparent and enjoyable.
In the starting it used to be bowler’s heaven but now a scoring above 300 has become a common trend.

One thing that has changed a lot with time is the style that is carried by the players today.
In the early days how well a player used to perform defined his fan base but today it’s also his presentation and fashion sense which makes him popular among the masses.

Different factors which have changed in the course of time are as below

During the initial world cups the dress of the players on the field used to be White.

But today the trend has changed and every team has its own color and design.
Media exposure has increased a lot today and the effect is easily visible on the players.

In this era of selfies players have to look trendy off the field too as they have to attend lot of parties,
events and interviews, hence they have to be always dressed in their best.

Physical Appearance
A mustache, a tattoo or even a haircut can make a cricketer a youth icon.
In today’s world film stars are not the only style icons as cricketers are also followed for their style and looks.
There are lot of cricketers today who are the trend setters, be it Shikhar Dhawan or Ravindra Jadeja for their mustache; Sunil Narine, MS Dhoni or Malinga for their hairstyle and Mitchell Johnson or Dale Steyn  for their tattoos.

Today players endorse a lot of brands and appears on the cover page of magazines.
Some have even started their own fashion brands, like Virat Kholi has his own fashion line called
"WROGN" and Zaheer Khan has Sher Singh.

Finally we can conclude that cricket players are becoming smart and well groomed with time.
A new era where the gentlemen game and fashion will go hand in hand.

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