Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dry baby Happy baby

It was 15th January 2014, when my wife delivered a baby boy. Everyone in my family was on cloud nine as he was the first child in our family after me. My parents were dancing with joy and I was running in the hospital with sweets. He was soft and delicate and I was even frightened to touch him.

After 3 days we brought the baby home. He used to only sleep, eat and cry. This routine went on for next 6 months. The time between 6 to 9 months was really interesting as he used to crawl from one place to another in the house and enjoy every moment of it.

The next 3 months were even more interesting as he started trying to stand while holding onto a support.  It was Sunday morning and he was standing against the couch when suddenly he came running towards me. I let my arms open and embraced him tightly.  That was one of the most memorable moments of my life seeing him take his first step.

As baby grew up he became more active and jolly.

Some of the activities which made him happy were

a. Running in the house from one corner to another.
b. Playing with neighbor’s pet dog.
c. Dancing on his favorite songs.
d. Playing with his toys which included superman, spiderman and batman.
e. Painting a new modern art everyday on the paper as well on his clothes.
f.  One of us making funny faces in front of him.
g. And the activity that he enjoyed the most was watching TV and playing with mobile.

Everything was going on well when I left for a business trip to United States of America.
When I came back my wife told that the baby is not keeping well for past few days as he is getting lot of rashes near his thigh. Also the diaper was not able to soak up the urine which resulted in keeping the baby wet from outside. I was stressed as I can’t see him in any trouble.

I contacted one of my friends who also had a boy of my son’s age.
He told me to use the new Pampers dry pants which keeps baby dry from all sides.
His personal experience of using it for his son was really good.

I started using Pamper dry pants and within few days his rashes and irritation reduced in great proportion. It kept baby dry not only from outside but also from inside. Its magical gel locked in moisture keeping the baby’s skin dry and healthy for up to 12 hours.
His laugh, smile and naughtiness was back and so was my happiness. I would sincerely like to express my thanks and gratitude to Pampers for bringing back the cute smile on my son’s face.

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