Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Painting the world again.The Remade !!

The world that we live in is not the one which almighty had created billions of years ago.
For him everyone was equal in all sense, but things have changed a lot today.

Religion, caste, money and skin tone has brought a huge difference in the way we see another human being. Hatred, superiority and cruelty has increased manifold because of this.
People have become selfish, egoistic and snobbish which has made the world a living hell for many.

As charity starts from home, change also follow the same route.
If you want to change the world, you first need to change yourself.
The above para defines almost everything which needs a full stop and if you own any of those the first step is to dump them off.

God helps the brave and give them power to march ahead in their mission for the welfare of humanity.
If I get a chance to change the world, I will remake it in the best possible way I can.

Building stands tall if the foundation is good. Children are the foundation. If molded properly they will become great leaders otherwise it is quite easy to take the wrong path and become medium of mass destruction.
From school itself, values like humanity, humbleness and honesty will be incorporated in them.
Always provide a helping hand to those in need will be taught with utmost sincerity.

Education system will include more practical examples than just theoretical knowledge.
50% weight will be given to the analytical skills and 50% to Sports, music and arts.
Reservation based on any factor will be stopped and people will be awarded based on their capability.

There will be no boundaries or limitations based on caste and religion.
Only 2 groups will be there, one who believes in a supreme power and the other who doesn't.
Everyone would be able to love, marry and have kids with anyone he/she wants without worrying about religion, caste, color or nationality.

There will be no privilege or special rules made for any group of people or individual.

Strictly no restrictions will be imposed on the way you want to look and dress yourself.

Democracy will exist in this world but there will be only 2 parties.
All politicians will be highly educated and experienced.

Jurisdiction will be the most transparent body in the world having highly intellectual people running it.

Taxes collected from common man will be used judiciously for their development.
The utilization of every penny will be available online for people to check and be assured that their money is used in the right direction.

There will common police which will take care of law and order around the world.
As there will be common police so there will be no need of individual army for each country.

Top most priority will be given to persevering nature and its elements.
Poaching will be strictly banned.

Basic necessities of life will be provided to only those people having 2 or less than 2 children.

Plants for mass energy generation using solar or hydro power will be built.
Automobiles and factories which are the two biggest source of pollution will be constructed such that they run on above two energy mediums.

If I am able to do all the things I have stated above I would proudly and happily say,
“Here’s the World, Remade!”

“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.

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