Friday, March 20, 2015

Singaporean Cuisines on my plate..!!!

Recently I got a chance to visit Singapore as part of my family trip and the experience was memorable.
Singapore, the country with highest per capita income is the best place to settle down in Asia.
It is one of the most developed and beautiful countries of Asia, a travelers dream indeed.

There is lot to see and enjoy in Singapore.
Night safari and S.E.A aquarium are a delight for wild life and marine life lovers.
Singapore Flyer, the highest flyer in the world makes you feel on the top of the world.
Universal Studios, one of the best theme parks in the world gives you an experience of lifetime.
For all the casino lovers it is a dream destination.

I am an avid traveler and also a voracious foodie.
Exploring different food junctions and trying new cuisines is my favorite pastime.
I had heard that Singapore was an eating Mecca which made me more excited.

Though I was in Singapore but I wanted to try something unique and Indianised.
Finally after enquiring for an hour I came to know about 5 different varieties of Prata that can be tried in Singapore.

Here goes the list

Ø  Roti Tissue -:
Also known as Roti helicopter or paper prata, this thin piece of prata is skillfully rolled into a cone shape which is coated with sugar and butter. After the rolling is done sweet condensed milk is trickled on it. I love sweets and this desert was like a treat for me.
Loved it to the core.

You can get this tasty prata at Al-Azhar Eating restaurant.

Ø  Roti Plaster -:
This is another type of prata which attracts but veg as well as non veg lovers.
For the non veg lovers we have its egg version where the egg is cooked outside the prata and the yolk is still runny.
For the veg lovers you can choose from a list of fillings like cheese, onion and mushroom.
I loved it too.
You can try it at Casuarina Curry.


Ø  Murtabak
It is 4 times the size of a regular prata. It is a meat prata where you can choose from chicken, beef and mutton. As I am a vegetarian so I didn’t try it.


Ø  Chicken Floss Prata
After featuring as a topping or filling in buns and pastries, chicken floss has made its way into prata. For non veg lovers this is like treating your taste buds.
You can have the treat at Roti Prata House.


Ø  Red bean Prata
To a sweet lover like me finding a prata like Red bean prata was one of the best things that happened to me in Singapore. The very crispy thin layers embraced the red bean with great tenderness. The red bean paste was really yummy. Overall the taste was magical, that’s the only word I have for it.
Highly recommended for all food lovers specially those who love deserts.
You will get this amazing prata at “The Prata Place”


Ø  Prata Benedict
Also known as plaster blaster, it is amazing combination of east and west.
Prata topped with poached egg and Indian hollandaise sauce is a classic breakfast option for all the non veg lovers.
Try this dish at “The Prata Place”


Ø  Banana or Coconut Prata

I loved all types of prata but my favorite was the unique and yummiest of all, “Red Bean Prata”.
Even I would say that it was the best Singaporean dish my taste buds had experienced on my Singapore tour.

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