Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cinderella Movie Screening experience...

We have heard a lot of fairy tales in our childhood.
Snow white, Aladdin, Beauty & beast and Cinderella are among the popular ones but my personal favorite is Cinderella.

It gives a wonderful message that we shouldn't be proud of our beauty or wealth and consider others as inferior. Luck can change anytime. A king can become a common man and vice versa.

The recent movie by Disney is inspired from the very famous fairy tale Cinderella sharing the same name. I was fortunate to watch the screening, thanks to Blogadda for providing the awesome opportunity.

The venue of the screening was Disney India, Mumbai.The show was going to start at 9 p.m.
I reached the venue around 9:15 p.m with one of my friend.

The screening started at 9:30.
Ella lives with her parents in a beautiful estate. Everything is perfect until her mother dies of illness.
Her father brings a widow as her mom who previously has 2 daughters.

Ella's father goes abroad leaving Ella with her stepmother and stepsisters.
Unfortunately her father dies leaving her alone.
Slowly her stepmother and sisters starts humiliating her and treats her like a slave.

Upset by their behavior Ella goes for a ride in the woods where she encounters a hunting party.
One of the hunters claims to be an apprentice named Kit who lives in palace.

Kit, who actually is the price of the kingdom falls for the mystery girl, Ella. When Kit’s father who is the king of the kingdom feels that he has very little time left, he insist him to find a princess who can be his bride, in an upcoming ball. Kit convinces him to call all the eligible maiden of the world.

The announcement of ball is made. Ella’s stepmother and sisters get excited on hearing it.
Ella decides to wear an old dress of her mom but her step family rips her dress apart as they consider her presence at the ball a disgrace.

A dishearten and upset Ella runs into the garden where she meets an old lady who turns out to be a Fairy Godmother. She uses her magic to turn Ella into a ravishing beauty with a gorgeous blue gown and glass shoes. She converts pumpkin into carriage, mice into horses, lizards into footmen and goose into coachman with a warning that the magic spell will last only till midnight.

When Ella enters the ball everyone is astonished to see her. Kit asks her for the first dance.
After the dance is over he takes her for a tour of the palace.
Slowly they fall for each other but unfortunately the clock strikes 11:59 forcing Ella to flee.
On her way to the carriage she drops her glass shoe.

Kit falls in love with her and asks his father for permission to marry her.
Unfortunately his father dies but not before granting him the permission to marry his love.

Announcement is made that the prince will marry the girl who fits in the glass shoe.
Ella is delighted on hearing it and goes to her room to get the other glass shoe, only to find her step mother already there. Her stepmother demands her to make her the head of the royal family when she becomes queen. When Ella refuses she breaks her shoe and locks her up in the room.

Kit asks his men to make every girl on the land, try the shoe. The magic of shoe rejects everyone till his men arrive at Ella’s house. The shoe rejects her stepsisters too. Disappointed when they turn to leave, a song is heard by them. It is Ella who is singing in her room. Kit, who actually disguised himself in the troop, comes out to investigate. The source of voice takes him to the locked room where he finds Ella.

The shoe fits in perfectly and Ella leaves with Kit after forgiving her step mother.
Ella and Kit gets married and are crowned king and queen.

I just loved the acting, particularly of Ella (Lily James) and her step mother (Cate Blanchett).
Great direction and effects. A must watch for all the fairy tale lovers especially Cinderella.

Also I would like to thank Disney India for the delicious snacks.

Looking forward to more such opportunities from Blogadda.

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