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The new revolution in Communication World - "Internet.Org"

Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of information technology and communication. It is like a global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can connect with each other.
Today internet is the most powerful tool for the people around the world.
It is like a super massive server having plethora of information available to billions of people of the world. But the sad part is still two third of the world doesn't have access to internet.
To improve the condition an initiative called “” has been started.

About the initiative is a Facebook-led initiative bringing together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access.

Why aren't people connected to internet?
Some of the reasons why people are not connected are as below
a. There are no networks in many remote areas.
b. Gadgets which provide internet connectivity are too expensive.
c. Service plans are heavy on pocket.

The Big Goal      
Making internet available to each and every individual of the world.

a. Ericsson
b. Mediatek
c. Opera Software
d. Samsung
e. Facebook
f. Nokia
g. Qualcomm

Advantages of Free Internet

  Ø  Education
There are lot of villages in our country where children, especially girls are not able to take admission in school as it is very far away from their home and there are no proper means of transportation available.
In such situations, children who are the future of our country are even deprived of the basic education.              
If we have free internet facility in these villages, children would be able to study sitting at their home.
If we talk about cities, there are many bright children who lag behind because of unavailability of
internet. They are unable to complete assignments and projects before deadline and have to face the heat.  Also many students miss out on the deadline of the forms of top colleges because of unavailability of net.
With free internet facility the quality and scope of education is definitely going to increase.

  Ø  Employment
With free internet facility, people living in remote areas who don’t have a job can earn their livelihood by working as a freelancer. Also people who are disabled or can’t travel can take online coaching or sessions to earn their bread & butter.
Students can earn while studying by working on different online assignments.
So with free internet the employment percentage in India is definitely going to shoot up.

  Ø Corporate World
With free internet access people would be able to work from anywhere in India.
There are lots of people in metros especially Mumbai who daily travel for hours.
If they have access to internet, they can easily check mails and complete pending work while they are on the move.
With free internet facility quality of work will improve and efficiency will increase as people will have more time to complete it.

  Ø  Awareness
Free internet facility will help to improve awareness among society on different aspects.
Farmers will be aware about the modern technologies used in farming.
Students will remain updated about the latest courses and happenings in their field.
People of India will be aware about the latest buzz and happenings in the world.
In case of wars, outbreak of dreadful diseases and other emergencies important awareness messages can be send to each and every citizen of India through free internet facility.

  Ø  Safety
Today rapes and eve teasing cases have increased rapidly in India.
Safety of women has become the prime concern of our nation.
In such situations if we have free internet facility than the location of a girl in danger can be tracked easily. Also she can use different apps to send alert messages to police and her near and dear ones.
Free internet facility also comes handy when we are lost and need to use Google maps to discover the right path.
Our soldiers can use it for monitoring enemy locations, controlling different weapons and internal communication.
All the above points emphasize on the fact that free internet facility has a lot of advantage when it comes to safety of every citizen of our nation.

  Ø  Tourism
Free wireless zone is loved by all. The moment a tourist dive in our country and his phone dings an announcement of free WIFI, definitely leaves a good first impression on his mind.
This will allow India to be recognized as a developed and tech savvy country.
In addition, all the happenings, events and things to do in a particular city can be easily checked by the tourists, which will result in more number of footfalls at every tourist location.

  Ø  Disaster Relief
The benefit of free WIFI is huge in disaster situations.
In one click you can spread information about where to volunteer or get help, which roads are closed and what supplies are to be needed.
Free internet facility can definitely improve and increase the scope of communication during disaster relief operations, saving lot of lives.

  Ø Networking
Be it for business or personal purpose, networking and socializing holds the key to success.
With free WIFI you can easily trace check ins of important people and can connect with them if you are in vicinity.
Also you can analyze the favorite places visited by your potential future clients and can win a deal while dropping in there.
You can easily promote stuff on social media sites while you are in any part of the country with the use of free internet facility.

How is doing in India?
Reliance communication and Facebook have come together in India to bring free access to 38 web sites for reliance mobile users via
The speed of net will depend on the kind of connection (2G or 3G) a user is having.
Here is the list of all websites that can be accessed for free
Aaj Tak
AP Speaks
BabyCenter & MAMA
BBC News
Bing Search
Daily Bhaskar
ESPN Cricinfo
Facts for Life
Girl Effect
India Today
Internet Basics
Jagran Josh
Maalai Malar
Maharashtra Times
Malaria No More
Reliance Astrology
Reuters Market Lite
Times of India

It is a great initiative which will bring people around the world together.
The dream of connected world will surely turn into reality with


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