Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The moment that changed my life.!!!

I was born in a middle class family. My father was a doctor and mother was a housewife.
From childhood only people used to call be junior doctor.
I was very happy to hear such comments and used to imagine myself as a doctor.

As I grew older I got more interested in mathematics.
My uncle was a broker and I used to spend a lot of time sitting at his office.
Numbers and graphs used to attract me. Analyzing the graphs of different scripts of share market was my favorite pastime.

One day while I was sitting at the terminal, uncle and his friends were predicting the result of Infosys.
For past 3 quarters Infosys quarterly numbers were below expectation and the stock plunged 7-8%.

This time I had an intuition that Infosys will outperform and the stock will rally more than 5%.
Uncle started laughing at my prediction and told to focus on studies as share market was not my cup of coffee.

I requested uncle to believe in my prediction once and buy 100 shares of Infosys for me.
As I was like a son to him so he fulfilled my wish.

It was time for announcement of result and everyone was glued to the computer screen.
7% increase in profit and 14% increase in revenue were the numbers displaying on the screen.
Everyone was shocked to see the result except me.
I was jumping with joy as my prediction got true and the stock price was up by 6% within 10 minutes
of the announcement of result.

When my father came to know about this he told me to focus on studies and not get involved into share market as it was just another form of gambling. He also stopped my visit to uncle’s office.

My 10th board exams were in two months so he asked me to focus on science as I had to take biology in 11th class. I was not interested in biology but had to opt for it as it was my father’s dream to see me as a doctor.

I was a sportsman who used to love playing all kind of sports.
I used to devote two hours daily to some or other game in order to refresh myself after attending boring lectures of biology.

12th board exams turned out to be a nightmare for me as I failed in biology.
In the next attempt also I could only pass with grace marks.

My parents were really tensed as no decent medical college was willing to give admission to me.
At that time my uncle came to our house and had a talk with my father.

He requested him to let me do what I was interested in which was trading in share market.
He asked my father to give 6 months of time after which he could ask me to do whatever he wants.

I gave some certifications and started working at my uncle's brokerage firm.
In 3 months my skills started showing results and I became the talk of the firm.
After 6 months I was making more profit than many experienced people at the firm.

My uncle called my father to his office and showed my portfolio to him.
My father was delighted with joy when everyone at the firm was chanting my name.
They were congratulating him for having a son like me.

My father had tears in his eyes and he hugged me tightly.
He told me to continue my career in share market and become a successful broker.
It was that moment in my life which filled me with optimism and hope for the future.

Today I am running my own brokerage firm and my father is very proud of it.

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