Monday, March 9, 2015

The bold step that changed my life..

I was born in a middle class family. My father was a teacher and my mother was a housewife.
We had a small house in the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore.
From my childhood itself I had the dream of becoming an engineer.

After 12th class I gave the entrance exam for getting admission in the top engineering colleges of Madhya Pradesh. My hard work paid off and I got admitted to the best engineering college of MP.
After completing 4 years of college life I got placed in the top IT company of India, TCS.
I was on cloud nine as it was a dream come true.

After completing my 3 months of training in Gandhinagar, I got shifted to Mumbai as it was my base location. My office was in Hiranadani which was one of the poshest areas of Mumbai.

I was really excited about my first day as it was the new beginning of my life.
My team was mix bag of seniors and juniors. I was really happy to get such seniors who were very motivating and polite.

Blogging was my passion and I was very happy to see the opportunities Mumbai had for bloggers like me. I loved going to blogger meets and meet new people. I made many friends and one of them became so special to me that I proposed her. She said yes and I was delighted.

My love as well professional life was going on smoothly until 16th February came.
As a part of my daily routine I got down at Hiranandani bus stop to catch a rickshaw for my office.
There was a crowd of people at the bus stop so I also felt the urge to see what is happening.
A guy was sitting with a briefcase and was putting cards on it. I understood that it was gambling and at once I tried to move away when two of them caught me from the shoulder.

I told them that I was not interested and was getting late for office. In the meanwhile a third person pulled my wallet out of the pocket. I began to protest as he took out Rs 5000 from it.

Very cleverly he kept the money on the briefcase showing that I was the one who was interested in playing. When I began to shout on the top of my voice, a big fellow slapped me hard and started abusing me. I asked for help from the people who were crossing by but there was none who was interested.
Finally when I threatened to call police, the complete gang ran away with my money.

I informed my family and relatives about it. Everyone told me to stay calm and not to go to police as it was just a case of Rs 5000. I was made to understand that protesting against such gang was not the work of a sophisticated common man.

I agreed to them but there was a fire burning inside me which didn't let me sleep peacefully.
My girlfriend who is a lawyer suggested me to go to police and file an FIR against them.
There were 2 paths in front of me, one which was to stay calm as suggested by my family and other was to protest against the crime that happened with me.

If I went to police, I could be stalked by the gang and beaten brutally, I could be threatened for life.
There were lot of bad consequences but I had to take the bold step and appease the fire that was burning inside me. I had to raise voice against the crime that happened with me.

Finally I gathered courage and went to police to file an FIR against the gang.
On the same day the complete gang was arrested and I also got my money back.
Now the fear inside me was no more. I was now a common man who was ready to protest against anything wrong that happened in the society.

That was the day which changed my life.
On that day itself I took a pledge to start a NGO which will work for the safety of men as today’s society is very keen to help a woman in danger but no one cares if a man is in similar situation.

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