Sunday, March 29, 2015

Digital India : A dream of 1.2 billion Indians

About the Campaign
Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to deepen the connection between government departments and people of India.

It’s two main aims are
To connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks.
To ensure that government services are available to the citizens of India electronically.

Three core components of Digital India are
Digital Infrastructure
Digital Literacy
Delivering services digitally

Key Mantra is IT (India Today) + IT (Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow)

The major challenges
Mandatory e-governance services in India reaching out to every part of the country.
Poor regulations in fields of data privacy and cyber laws.

E-Governance through technology 
Technology has revolutionized the way information can be send to and received from any part of the world. Today we can connect with any person sitting in any part of the world within few seconds.
The same can be used by the Indian government for better governance known as e-governance.

There are 4 models in e-governance.
1. Government to citizens
2.Government to employees
3.Government to business
4.Government to government.

The main aim of Digital India is to make government services available to every citizen of India electronically.

To achieve this motto, the first step is to make the people especially those living in the rural areas, tech literate.
To achieve this Indian government has joined hands with one of the biggie of the technology world, Intel.

Under the initiative “Digital Skills for India”, Intel India has unveiled a digital skills training application for 1000 panchayats, which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages. The app will be available free of cost on Android Play Store from 6th December.
Also Intel India will work with Bharat Broadband Network Limited to deliver offline training to the key resources in the first 1000 panchayats under the National Optic Fiber Network roll out in India.

E-governance through technology is necessary to provide acceleration to the vision of Digital India.
It will include building of technical hardware and software infrastructure all over the country which will help in better and faster connectivity options.
Also this way rural India will connected to high speed networks which is the first aim of Digital India.

As the technology is changing rapidly, Indian government has to bring out new laws which incorporate the current technology and has enough space to incorporate the changing future technology.
Implementation of laws will accelerate the vision of Digital India.

E-governance through technology will ensure that all the government services pertaining to health, social, transportation, passport, and human welfare are available online.

In this regards, recently there has been collaboration between Indian government and twitter to launch a service called “Twitter Samvad” aimed to boast the e-governance plans of the current government.


There will be 16 launch partners including the government bodies and leaders.
Through this service anyone with a mobile phone, with or without a data plan, can register for it by giving a missed call to a unique number of each of the partners.Once registered, every day people will get set of curated tweets from the government bodies and leaders on their mobile as sms. During the time of emergency Twitter Samwad can be used effectively to deliver live updates by government bodies detailing about the rescue efforts and law and order situations.

All such initiatives where government services can reach to every person with a mobile is definitely going to accelerate the vision of Digital India.


For providing wings to the vision of Digital India not only services but information also needs to be provided online. E-governance through technology facilities centralized storage of government information, so that is available to the citizens of India.
Availability and transparency of information is very necessary for building the trust of citizens in the government which is one of the main aims of Digital India.

Digital India is a dream seen by more than 1 billion Indians.
Technology through e-governance is the magic wand which is going to turn this dream into reality..

This post is written for the initiative #DigitalIndia 


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