Saturday, March 14, 2015

The day when I was with her..

2104 was a good year for me and I expected the same from 2015.

As the year started, the progress of my professional life became stagnant.
New opportunities which were going to come early in 2015 got delayed by months.

I was confused on what steps to take and whom to get advice from.
The tension of professional life was on its peak when a terrible incident happened with me.

I was on my normal routine to office which is in Hiranandani.
I got down at the bus stop where there was a crowd of people.
Out of anxiety I just peeped in to see what was going on.
Live gambling with cards under the bright day light was in progress.
I was not at all interested in it and tried to move away when two of the people there caught me by my shoulder.

I protested and told to leave when a third person took out my wallet and offered my money in the game. When I shouted and pulled him a heavily built man slapped me hard and started abusing me.

I called people for help but none of the passerby even heard a word. I was disappointed and threatened the gang to complain to police. After listening to my words they ran away with my money.

I called my team members who came with me to police station to file an FIR against the gang.
When one of the police officer heard my story he told an agent to accompany us to the spot.

The agent called his source and informed us that only half of the money was recovered.
I took it half heartedly as somewhere I felt that the police was also getting their part from the gang.

My life had come to a halt. Lot of tensions and worries surrounded me.
My family and gf were the only source of happiness for me.

I prayed to god for a smooth life but he had something else in mind.
My love life which was my source of motivation came under hammer.

My gf fought badly with me for events that happened in my past.
She threatened to leave me. I was broken and upset.
This was the moment when I thought my life had come to an end and there is nothing more left in it.

2 days after the day of fight she called. I told her to meet on Saturday if she could manage.
She affirmed and I prayed to god to sort out things between us.

It was Saturday and she came to my flat. I had prepared her favorite pasta and cold coffee.

She was delighted to see her favorite food and the efforts I had put in to make them.
We talked a lot while eating and slowly memories started to pour in.

She kept her head on my shoulder and we cherished the moments that we had spend together.
I showed her the pictures which we clicked on our different outings.

Tears rolled down our eyes after seeing the pictures. We could feel each other’s heartbeat.
Love made its way again slowly inside our hearts. We fell crazily and madly for each other.

All the tensions and worries took a back step as two souls were crazily in love.
Next we planned to watch a movie and booked tickets for “Dum Laga Ke Haisha”.
It was a superb movie which brought even more emotions to us as it showed how two opposite people can madly fall in love with each other. Ours was the same case.

We took a bus from the multiplex to Goregaon station and got another hour to spend together.
My gf loved travelling by bus and I loved it too.

After getting down at the bus depot we went to a restaurant as we were damn hungry.
We had our favorite Chinese dishes which were really yummy.

It was one of the most memorable day spend together.
Though we did nothing special but we really felt the forever, everlasting love for each other.
It was the day when we decided to marry each other, no matter what happens.

I was now a satisfied and happy soul. The regained stability in my love life gave me the much needed strength and motivation to fight against other tensions of my life. I was optimistic that the lady luck will bring the happy days again and I will soon get the opportunities, I deserved.

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