Monday, March 30, 2015

Latest Wireless speakers in India

“Cut the cord and not the sound” is the new cool in the electronics industry.
Every device is getting a paradigm shift from wired to wireless.

The pioneers of this shift were laptops and tablets which replaced the Desktop PC.
Today there are plethora of devices which have gone wireless, Mouse, Modem, Bluetooth devices, Headphones to name a few.
But one device which has exploded in popularity in recent times is Wireless Speaker.

Every major consumer electronics vendor has come out a wireless speaker of its own.
Today there are variety of wireless speakers of different shape, size and integrated wireless system available in the market.

Everyone wants to go wireless these days but before buying a wireless speaker, consider the below factors

Type of Wireless streaming system used by the Speakers

     The most commonly used wireless streaming system is Bluetooth.
     It doesn’t have as many features as other wireless steaming system but support most of the                  devices. As Bluetooth works by pairing hence there can be only one speaker connected at a time.        In terms of money speakers working on Bluetooth are less expensive than any other streaming            system. Also these speakers consume less power.

     It is Apple’s wireless audio feature that lets iPod, iPhone and Mac users stream their iTunes                libraries. Music can be played on multiple speakers at a time. But Airplay speakers are expensive        and more power consuming.

   Companies own Wi-Fi based wireless audio system

Quality of Sound

The quality of sound should be intact when music is streamed from a device to a speaker.
The speakers should not sound shabby on high volumes.

Value for money
The speaker should not be a bomb on your pocket forcing you to cut short on other gadgets.

Looks & Design
Appearance holds the key factor while choosing any gadget. Thanks to the innovative design teams of different companies, today we have variety of classy speakers with to choose from.

Let’s have a look at the latest popular wireless speakers available in the Indian market

1. Bose Sound Link Mini
    Key features -:
    a. Sleek design
    b. 8 hours battery
    Price -:16000


2. JBL Micro Wireless Speakers OEM    Key features -:
    a. 3 Watt speaker with built in bass port.
    b. Built in Li-ion battery that provides 5 hours of playback time.
    c. Can connect to any device and easily fit in any backpacks.
    Price -: 1029


3. Sony SRS-BTV5 Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. Excellent sound quality.
    b. Built in mic
    c. Great looks
    d. 4 hours battery life
    Price -: 3990


4. Beats Mini Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. Excellent sound quality.
    b. Durable
    c. Great looks and light weight
    Price -: 2999


5. Smart Dynamite Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. i-Blue HD technology for extra bass
    b. Micro SD Card / AUX-in
    c. In built MIC & NFC
    Price -: 3079


6. Creative D100
    Key Features -:
    a. Good looking two channel speaker.
    b. Can also use four AAA size batteries.
    Price -: 3442


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