Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How India can become the most popular country in the world to live.

Today we are talking about Digital India. Our PM Honorable Narendra Modi is on a mission of visiting a lot of countries, meeting a number of CEOs of top MNCs to bring business and employment opportunities for Indians.
This is really commendable and welcomed with open hands.

But with all the things above there is also a need to change the Indian system in a way that makes India the most popular country in the world to live.

Here are few of my imaginary pie charts of how India should be.

A girl is brought up by her parents in the same manner as a boy by his.
After marriage its not only boy's parents who need support and feel lonely but same is the case
with girl's parents.
So in a year half of the time the boy should live with girl's family and vice versa.
If they all live together then it will be the best of the best.

I am Hindu, I am Muslim, I am blah blah blah..Is there any Indian in India ? Sadly very few...
We are Indians and that is the only religion we follow.
So there should be no restriction to marry an Indian based on caste, custom, region or color.

 Indian Universities should be ranked among the top in the world with students coming from all over the globe to study here.

To make Indian Education system robust and Indian colleges ranked among the top globally, the most stupidest thing called reservation which is currently followed should be removed and the admission should be given on below criterias.

We don't want illiterates and criminals to represent India.
For selection of Members of Legislative Assembly below should be the criterias and priorities.

The biggest problem in India is the inequality of professions.
If you are a labourer or farmer, you are looked down upon.
Dude these people are responsible for building our nation.

Power and money should be equally distributed across all professions. 
Also a country can't progress without startups and entrepreneurs bringing out a new innovation each day.

These are few points from my end. I hope there will be lot of them running across in your mind.
Mention them in the comments below and let's see how can we make them come true..


  1. Nice ones; illusions for sure - I hope for at least the admission criteria to be so :(

    1. Yes I hope the coming generation doesn't have to suffer and leave India disheartedly bcz of reservations..

  2. Forget inqualitities and development, its high time we need to save India from the hate mongers else internally these guys will kill each other in name of religion and castes. There is no point in brining business to India.. Only that doesn't constitute the nation. It is governed by various factors. Good post. May be you should also write about the threat to India as a separate post.