Sunday, September 6, 2015

Top 5 platforms to identify Influencers for your brand - A review

You think you are a renowned social influencer who rocks the world when it comes to twitter and facebook. You have a charismatic personality on social media and tons of followers who follow your advice religiously , then here are the 5 most well-known social media influence measurement tools which will tell you how true it is.

1. Klout
    It it the pioneer of the social media influence measurement industry.
    The first company to come up with a measurement algorithm and assign a number to the people
    based on their social influence.
    The number ranges between 0 to 100, the more the better. It displays everything in form of
    presentable charts which let you know which strategies worked for you and which didn't, though
    it doesn't provide a concrete advice why your strategy failed and what should be done to rectify it.
    Klout score is the most widely accepted score across the social media influence industry.
    It is a free tool.
    Sign Up for Klout here.

2. Kred
Unlike to Klout , Kred not only measures influence but also the outreach.
    The influence score is measured between 0 to 1000.
    Most amazing thing about Kred is the transparency they maintain while determining the
    engagement of a person on social media platforms. A person can easily understand why he
    got a particular score and how can he improve it.
    The only not so good thing about Kred is there is lot of information upfront, a bit cluttered to
    understand. It is a free tool.
    Sign Up for Kred Here.

3. Traackr
    Among all the social media influence measurement tools available in the market Traackr
    intrigues me the most.
    It combines 3 factors or I should say the 3 R's when finding and ranking influencers -
    Reach - What is the scope of each post or tweet, amount of audience covered through it.
    Resonance - The likeliness of the post, how much times is it shared or retweeted.
    Relevance - Content is the king. What different keywords are you using and how relevant they are.

    The USP of Traackr is its emphasis over quality than quantity while calculating the influence of a
    person which is worth considering.
    It is a free tool.
    Sign Up for Traackr here.

4. BuzzSumo  
    Should BuzzSumo be part of your internet marketing arsenal.
    Let's dive into to know more about it.
    You can set up content alerts through BuzzSumo which notifies you when a specific keyword is
    being mentioned, an author has become popular, a link or domain has gone viral.
    You can get notifications for different brands too.
    Apart from content alert you also get content analysis and domain comparison reports.
    Overall its a great tool which helps in cutting through the noise and providing the best
    content and top domains & influencers for a particular keyword we are searching.
    It is a free tool.
    Sign up for BuzzSumo here.

5. Blogmint
The latest player in the market is blogmint which is one of the best platform for brands to connect
    with influencers and vice versa. I am using it from a long time and I can assure that I am a satisfied
    Being placed among the top influencer marketing platforms, Blogmint has becoming a leading
    influencers community. It has its own algorithm to determine the Blogscore, which is derived
    from a blog's performance, it's global benchmarking and the social influence of the blog owner.
    Brands post different campaigns according to their requirements and look for bloggers who are
    willing to be part of the campaign providing them the maximum global reach
    Bloggers accept the offer biding a particular amount for being part of the campaign.

    Once all the bids are done brands check for the Blogscore to determine the popularity of a blogger
    and accordingly invite the blogger to review its product.

    I have been part of many campaigns on Blogmint and had a great time connecting , earning and
    learning something new out of each campaign.
    It is free platform.
    Sign Up for Blogmint here.

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