Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Favourite Dish

Being an Indori I am always crazy for food as Indore is a place where you get all sort of vegetarian dishes at one place. Though I am foodie but I always prefer my mom’s kitchen and I believe everyone likes their mom’s food and that can’t compete to any 5 star hotels.

I am a Marwari and I love to eat sweet dishes and typical Marwari food. There are numerous dishes like Dal Bati, Bhindi Curry, Curd Curry, Butter Aloo Paratha, Bottle Guard Curry and Besan Laddos which exist in my favourite food list.

Whenever my mom used to cook any of my favourite dishes I always used to help her and provide her all possible ingredients which I can provide to her to make her dishes tastier.  

Being an online user I always checkout what special discounts or offers are available in the online market so that I can save my money and can avail those best offers. Once upon a time when I was using my facebook from my friend I came to know about which were providing brilliant discounts and offers on Groceries from online stores.

My mom was cooking Dal-Bati for me so I informed her about the same but she didn’t believe though she suggested and told me that “If it is true then you should buy; I will be happy”, Yes, I came to know her wish that she wants it and I used Coupons of for the first time. I bought Green Vegetables, Fruits, Dals & Pulses, Dry fruits and Curd. I placed the orders and got great discounts on my purchasing. The products and goods qualities were just like my expectations. My mom’s smile made my day and I had Dal-Bati which she cooked especially for me.

Apart from Desi food I always like to try some new food taste if it is healthy and tasty. When you talk about food then MacDonald’s and Dominos can’t be stay aloof for longer time. Hardly there is any person who doesn’t like their taste and I am definitely not that exception.

After exploring good discounts on groceries I became daily user of Whenever my girlfriend used to come to spend her weekends at my place then I always used to order from MacDonald’s and Dominos by using coupons of in order to save more money and she is crazy for Italian food and burger.

Due to such a great money saving coupons of I saved a huge amount of money which I used to spend on my food with my girlfriend. is a great combination of travelling, eating and shopping. You can avail all sorts of facilities at great discounts from your all favorite online stores. Not only that you can also explore daily deals from their website.

I would surely love to suggest such an awesome online platform to my readers as it is from my personal experience. made my mom happy and saved my girlfriend food expenses as well. So if you are still buying products without any discount then visit and enjoy you money saving dhamaka.                  

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