Sunday, September 13, 2015

15 Reasons why Indians settled abroad don't wanna come back !!

1. In India a person is treated according to his religion
    Almost everything in India is related to what religion you belong to.
    Right from freedom of speech & expression, freedom of what you wanna wear,
    freedom of marriage to freedom of equality.

2. Laws are only for common people
In India laws are only made and should be followed by the common middle class people.
    Unlike in other developed or developing countries, a minister in India has the maximum rights and
    nearly negligible rules to follow, the process is same for his party members, family, friends and
    whomsoever has his number in their mobile.

3. Education is only for Reserved Category
In India the best pass time today for the people is to include their caste in the reserved category
    so that even having wealth in crores the can enjoy free education in elite colleges that too after
    getting failing marks ( less than 35%) in the competitive exams.
    For a general category guy getting a 98% is also less for the same seat.
    Merit has no meaning and only who has reservation is the king.

4. There is no value of Indian life
 Kill a Israeli soldier and they will kill 10 of yours.
     Kill a US solider and they will kill 5 of yours.
     Kill an Indian solider and the ministers will condemn it, console his family and announce
     Rs 5 lakhs compensation and tighten their own security.

     In US and other countries soldiers are given the utmost respect by every single person of the
     nation and cry on their demise. In India people cry when their favorite celebrity dies in a
     daily TV soap  or in a remake movie.

     There has been so many terrorist attacks in India which has claimed around 2k lives, ceasefire
     violations by neighbouring countries which has claimed live of many soldiers but all this is taken
     as a routine by Indian government and concerned officials of higher departments.

5. Clean India will be a reality by say, year 2100 
    In India people use the roads and public transport as their dustbin and spitting grounds.
    People are so advanced that they can convert any wall into public toilet.

    If you to any other country say US or Singapore, try doing the above activities and the police will
    make you their guest with all due respect also lightening your pocket a bit.

6. Individual ego is higher than everything else
    An Indian ego is higher than even mount everest, you hurt it once and pay the bill lifelong.
    Indians love their ego more than anything else and will die or even kill for maintaining it.
    Btw the fake status in samaj that Indians exaggerate about is actually their ego, in Hindi what we
    call "NAAK".

7. An Indian is for his religion or caste first and then for India.
    Every citizen of a country loves to be referred  by his country name but in India it is religion which
    takes the utmost priority.
    I am a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian , Jain, Pari first and an Indian later is the awesome
    mentality followed here. Die for the religion and not for the country, disrespect the principles
    of other religions is preached by the dumb religious leaders.
    You can even provoke a person to kill a person of another community in the name of religion.

8. Inflation is  becoming intolerable
    Salary is the only stagnant commodity in Indian market, the cost of anything else always keeps on
    increasing. The prices of daily food items like fruits and vegetables are touching sky.
    Survival of a common middle class man is getting tougher each day.

9. Infrastructure developments and technology advancements are at a snail's pace 
   India is developing but at a snail's pace.
   Main funding of the government goes into the programs or projects through which they can
   increase their vote bank.
   Funding for developing infrastructure, providing basic amenities and advanced technology is only
   on papers, Do these projects meet the Deadline ???????????????????

10. Unsafe country when it comes to life and health.
      India has been ranked 143rd in the global peace index out of 162 countries.    
      The main reason is the helpless Police with big bellies and even more bigger pockets, you know
      for what.
      Crime rate in India is directly proportional to Inflation rate, both love to be high even without a
      In WHO rankings also India loves to hit a century, you know the love for cricket, ranked 112 out
      of 190 countries. If we consider the infant mortality rate, may be it will be better than Africa.

11. Population Saturation
India ranks 2nd in the world when it comes to population but lags far behind when it comes
      to providing them even the basic amenities.
      If you talk about the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, it is really difficult to walk for even 10
      seconds without colliding into someone. The means of public transport like trains and buses are
      overloaded, literally giving you a feeling that the human beings are packed like animals in them.

12. You bluff me I will bluff someone else
      In US you go to any private or organisation like Bank, Insurance company or
      Financial institute, you will be responded at the right time, by the right person and with the
      right information unlike India where they will respond to your query after a long time and that too
      with half information.
      In India there will be always hidden charges for which you will be fighting for the rest of your

13. The government system is very unstable and slow
      There are many people in India who are enjoying even without having a birth certificate and they
       even don't care because the government also.
       Election ID cards are a good means of comedy with Rohan having sex as female,
       a dead person still eligible to vote and the most hilarious of all, cows and dogs pics on ID cards.
       Even if you apply for correction it take ages to get it done.
       Aadhar cards are just for fun, if you have one it's good otherwise no need to get it done.
       The system has lot of spider webs which needs to be cleaned.

14. Corruption is part of everyone's daily life
       In India a person can go to any limit to earn money and get his work done, the easiest way is to
       take bribe and vice versa.
       There is no system in our country where corruption is not prevalent, a truth also holds that you
       can resist it for sometime but in the end to survive you have to be part of the system.

15. Justice in India takes ages 
      Ministers, Dons and other people enjoying illegal power die after committing number of crimes in       India but still cases against them remain pending in courts.

      An Indian prefer to get beaten, humiliated or even lotted then too approach a court to get justice
      as he knows that he has to invest all his lifelong savings without surety of a justice, unbiased
      comes after that.



  1. interesting analysis...
    cheers, Archana -

  2. I cant agree more....basic standard of living is better outside than in India, the amount of stress a person has to take to make a living is immeasurable. very good points and rightly brought out.

    1. If you have your family along and good food to eat then its lot better to live outside India.
      Thanks for dropping by, Glad that you liked it.

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