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When two bloggers tie the knot - Part II (A lot can happen in a bloggers meet)

As Aryan was new to Mumbai's life so it took him sometime to settle down and get acquainted with it's fast life.

Getting an accommodation near to office and finding a good foodhub or tiffin centre were the initial challenges. Though he was saved from travelling in the overcrowded local trains but travelling in local best buses too was not an easy job.

Within a month he and his friends got a 1 bhk at a reasonable price, that is what their broker said.
Broker are angel of gods who are born to help the immigrants of Mumbai by charging a very minimum amount every year, which is a month's rent for their goodwill dead.

The only good thing about the flat was the society where it was located which had some hot girls, food junctions nearby and a bus stop right infront of it.
After living in a 1200 sq feet house with your parents if you have to share a flat of half the area with 3 other people, definitely cause a lot of pain in your ass.

Most of the low profile bachelors flats in Mumbai are not only congested but also dirty, messy and broken at places and Aryan's flat was no exception.
Within a month he got settled in the new home, got a tiffin service for food and also learned how to get his foot in the best buses.

For couple of months he was more focused on his new job.
Understanding the fundamentals of the project, his team members and the manager was his initial task. He didn't face much problems as he was an intelligent soul with a jolly nature.

Soon after setting his foot in the office he was ready to explore the blogging community of Mumbai.
After exploring a lot over internet for a day he came across Indiblogger & Blogadda, two of the biggest blogging communities of India which had maximum bloggers from Mumbai.

Without wasting any time he filled all the registration formalities and waited for the approval mail.
Blogadda was quick in its process and provided the approval within a day.
Indiblogger took an approx 3-4 days to give it's nod.

So within a week Aryan was part of the biggest blogging communities of India. He was excited to meet & interact with new bloggers but at the same time a bit nervous as he was just a novice without a godfather.

It was the mid of the year 2013 and both the communities were high on contests but a bit low on blogger's meet, specially when it came to Mumbai.
Aryan tried his luck in some of them but failed to win a prize in any of them.
Though he didn't won a prize but he won the heart of some readers who left comments on his posts applauding his work.

He was not kept disappointed for a long time as Indiblogger announced the "Reliance Digital meet"
in association with Reliance Digital Stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities across India.

Aryan was on cloud 9 as this as his first bloggers meet.
The were 3-4 stores in Mumbai from which Aryan selected the one in Infinity mall, Malad.
Soon he got an invite mail from Reliance Digital to visit their store on the predecided day.

It was the meet day and Aryan was dressed up for the event.
He had interacted with few bloggers online and was excited to meet them in person.
Travelling in Mumbai locals was a pain and he was not used to it.

Mumbai local is a magical vehicle in which you can get in and get down without applying any efforts. It can make a cool, fresh and energetic person, stinky, frustrated & tired like hell.

Anyways Aryan somehow managed to reach the destination in one piece,
On reaching the Reliance Digital Store he could recognize some of the faces he had interacted online.

An hour later Aryan was part of a bloggers group which included Steve K, Vrutika Mishra, Ajay Bagaria & Abhinav Iyer to name a few.
There were lot of bloggers flowing in and out but none of them could seek his attention until he saw someone known to his group.

She wore a cute smile, had brown eyes(later Aryan came to know that she wore lenses), a figure girls die for and nice dressing sense.
Everyone went to greet her and so did Aryan.

She introduced herself as Madhvi Mishra.

Finally after clicking pics of each corner of the store when all the bloggers were satisfied that they had more pics than others to win the first price which was an iPad, the group left for lunch.

Aryan and his blogger friends found a table in McD of the mall itself to have something.
He took the corner seat and was having a conversation with Steve K when someone called his name.
Madhvi Mishra wanted to exchange places with him for no good reason was what was communicated to him.

Aryan couldn't understand the motive behind the exchange of seats but he had no option as Madhvi was craving for it like anything. He thought about her mental state and gave a second thought to the first impression he had of her.
Later in 2014 he came to know that it was because her top was small from behind,we will come to that part afterwards.

So finally when everyone was settled, Farzana H didn't like anything in McD and wanted to go somewhere else. After lot of chaos the group decided to go to a pizza parlour as suggested by Abhinav Iyer.

Ohh!! she is a non vegetarian , Aryan said to himself when he saw Madhvi eating pizza having chicken filling. A mental by mind and non veg lover, obviously not my types, Aryan gave himself a confirmation.

After lunch everyone left for their sweet home where their family was waiting for them expect for Aryan whose family was miles away.

To be Continued in Part III (Love,Lalbaugcha raja & Local Trains)

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  1. Good to see some personal touch to this..

    I think I know Steve K , Ajay , Farzana H Vrutika and Madhvi :D